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Woodsides newly remodelled tennis courts show a clean and polished look.

Scott Stingel Donates Money for the New Tennis Courts

Xamara Carrillo, Local News Editor October 14, 2021

Woodside’s girls’ JV tennis coach Scott Stingel donated the funds needed to remodel the tennis courts. Stingel, the Woodside girl’s JV tennis coach, came up with the idea in the spring of 2021,...

Best Buddies Club meets to create friendships and connections at Woodside.

What’s the Best Buddies Club?

Xamara Carrillo, Local News Editor September 29, 2021

Woodside High School’s Best Buddies Club strives to create a sense of belonging at Woodside by creating friendships with Woodside students. Meetings are every Tuesday in J-11, but they spend most...

Woodside High schools Octagon Club started at Woodside 20 years ago.

Woodside’s Octagon Club is Back in Session

Xamara Carrillo, Local News Editor September 11, 2021

Woodside's Octagon Club is back in person for any students seeking to join a new club. Meera Putz is the co-president of the Octagon Club. She originally joined because she's very passionate and enthusiastic...

During the pandemic, some students have drawn inspiration from current events for their work.

Art Students’ Creative Process During a Pandemic

Keira Lee and Xamara Carrillo June 13, 2021
With social isolation and changes to often hands-on processes, art classes have been uniquely impacted by distance learning in the past few months.
Woodside Logo, the Woodside Wild Cat.

BOSA Election Results

Xamara Carrillo, Staff Writer April 8, 2021

Despite being held amid a pandemic and a continued distance learning teaching model, Woodside’s students voted for the new Board of Student Affairs in an online election on March 17. While some students...

With the additional stress of the coronavirus pandemic, many teens have found their mental health worsening.

How to Deal With Worsening Mental Health

Xamara Carrillo, Staff Writer March 8, 2021

With the COVID-19 lockdown coming up on its first anniversary, teens at Woodside and around the Peninsula are noticing that they are suffering from negative mental health or mental illnesses much more...

A woman wearing is standing wearing the color blocking trend.

Fashion Trends That May Come Back For 2021

Xamara Carrillo, Staff Writer January 28, 2021

Fashion trends come and go. Every year styles change, and this year we’ve got some trends reappearing. What’s coming back in 2021? 1. Wide Leg Jeans Wide-leg pants are great for everyday looks...

A screenshot of the full playlist available for readers to listen to if they are looking for calming pop music.

What to Listen to: Calming Pop Songs

Xamara Carrillo, Staff Writer January 6, 2021

Staying at home can be boring, and you may need ways to pass the time. Listening to music can be helpful and relaxing. Here are some Pop songs I recommend: These songs are popular and calming when you...

The image shows that you should wear your mask, wash your hands, and get your flu shot.

Why Are Flu Shots Important?

Xamara Carrillo, Staff Writer December 11, 2020

People all over the world are affected by the flu. Especially with COVID-19, it's important to stay healthy and get a flu shot. The flu vaccine definitely helps people and has many benefits. It has...

Poverty Around the World

KQED: US Poverty Should Be Considered During Elections

Xamara Carrillo, Staff Writer November 16, 2020

Poverty is a very big problem in the world and not many people take it into consideration during elections. Poverty can be not having enough money to buy necessary things but it can also be not having...

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