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The softball team struggles to maintain a good start of the season

Woodside Athletic boosters
The Softball team runs out on the field with smiles on their faces after varsity beat Aragon 12-2!

The softball team perseveres through a tough start to the season but aimes for success as they juggle a new JV team.

The softball team’s current streak as of April 3rd, is 1-7 meaning one win, and six losses. While they have more losses than wins the team is looking to grow and improve as the season continues.

“We finally have a JV team which is really nice so that means a lot of girls are coming into play which is good,” Kelly Baek, a junior and third year player said. “We now have 12 [girls] on a team rather than the past two years where it was 16 to 18 girls in a team and not many got to play.”

With now having a JV team, more girls have joined which grows the community and team that plays softball. The time spent preparing for games consists of a lot of exercises during practice.

“In practice, it’s a lot of getting grounder, defense, and then offense types of stuff,” Baek said. “There’s a lot of communication while playing and I think that’s one of the most important roles rather than being insanely skillful.”

Softball is a team sport and working together is needed so the team can succeed.. Even thought this season hasn’t started on the best foot, the team is moving towards success.

“The season is a little tough,” Baek said. “But I think a lot of people have grown knowledge-wise and skill-wise. We’ve gotten a lot better.”

While the start of the season remains a bit rocky, they continue to grow as a team.

“My favorite part is being with the team,” Baek said. “I think just being with everyone three years now you’re more comfortable with them and you get to know them really well.”

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