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The Voice of the Wildcats

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The Voice of the Wildcats

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Black History Month came to an end, let us take the time to reflect on it!
Black History Month: Black Resistance
Jaiedenn Dolan, Beat Editor • March 30, 2023

As Black History Month has come to a close, many students may not be aware that “Black Resistance” was this year's theme with the purpose...

Junior Alex Frampton works on pre-calculus on the computer.
Behind the screens of teenage technology usage
Mary Keile, Staff Writer • March 28, 2023

Woodside students rely heavily on technology to support their academic studies, but this dependence can result in various issues, such as bad...

Freshmen perform at the homecoming rally
A mid-year check in with freshmen
Logan Marrow, Staff Writer • March 16, 2023

Going from middle school to high school is a big change in every student's life.  Most high school students remember being nervous their...

While often disregarded as easy work, stay-at-home parents often have just as much responsibility to balance.
The stay-at-home parent
Maggie Mein, Staff Writer • March 14, 2023

Those who work as stay-at-home parents are often not recognized for their hard work. While they work to make their children and spouses’ lives...

Rehearsals take place on and off the stage, with much time dedicated to vocal performance and training.
Behind the carriage doors of “Cinderella: Enchanted Edition”
Winnie Einhorn, Co-Editor in Chief • March 10, 2023

From the moment the Performing Arts Center lights dim, to the impassioned applause at the final curtain call, Woodside’s spring musicals never...

Jessie Lin, left, poses for a photo after a KQED Youth Advisory Board event.
Students pursue extracurricular interests
Patrick Van Hoven, Managing Editor • March 10, 2023

Once a month, junior Simon Campbell hops in the car, driving ten minutes to a house in Menlo Park. There, he sits down with a group of 10-15...

Hopkin’s CTE Engineering Design and Development class currently has six females to nineteen male students.
Where are all the girls?
Kailyn Holty, Editor in Chief • March 10, 2023

The harmony of tinkering and clicking sounds greets sophomore and Robotics club member Abigail Brown as she enters the engineering classroom....

Woodside offers seven co-ed sports including cross country, swimming, wrestling, track and field, badminton, and cheerleading.
Co-ed sports: The solution to the gender dilemma in athletics
Kailyn Holty, Editor in Chief • January 31, 2023

With eighteen states across the U.S. banning trans-women and girls from playing on school sports teams, the question of providing equal opportunities...

Woodside students engage in a multitude of sports, often played outside of school.
Beyond Woodside athletics: A look at sports students participate in outside of school
Kailyn Holty, Editor in Chief • October 28, 2022

The clock ticks down with only a few seconds left in the game. Sweat droplets dot the floor and the sound of squeaking shoes fills the air. Players...

A collection of pictures from Akeys time abroad sits in her classroom. Akey, who has been teaching at Woodside now for over two decades, previously taught in places like Zambia, Benin, Iowa, and inner-city Sacramento
Around the world and back again: Ann Akey’s multi-continent teaching journey
Cedrik von Briel, Managing Editor • April 28, 2022

Teaching AP Environmental Science, chemistry, and leading the Green Academy is no small task, but it helps if you have some experience. Luckily...

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