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Former President Trumps arrest leaves many people shocked and questioning the state of our political system.
The future of our political system
Jaiedenn Dolan, Beat Editor • October 19, 2023

With the recent news about former president Donald Trump’s arrest, Woodside students and teachers reflect...

The Supreme Court struck down affirmative action last June in a 6-3 vote.
With Affirmative Action Overturned, Students Reflect
Patrick Van Hoven, Managing Editor • September 21, 2023

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s overturning of affirmative action, the college admissions landscape,...

With Roe v. Wade being overturned, younger generations are the first ones to experience the consequences.
Abortions Restrictions Creates Education Limitations
Jaiedenn Dolan, Beat Editor • September 15, 2023

With the overturn of Roe v. Wade leaving the right to abortion in the hands of the state governments,...

Crystal Leach has been selected as the new superintendent.
District chooses Crystal Leach for superintendent position
Patrick Van Hoven, Managing Editor • March 24, 2023

After the unexpected exodus of previous superintendent Darnise Williams, the Sequoia Union High School...

Mifepristone can be used to end pregnancy for up to 10 weeks.
Abortion access under further threat
Ollie O'Toole, Staff Writer • March 13, 2023

Popular abortion drug Mifepristone could be made illegal nationwide as a result of a court case in Texas. The...

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Jessica Esparza is a mother of three who found assistance from The Gabriel Project.
The Gabriel Project supports pregnancy
Carmen Pinto, Staff Writer • May 20, 2024

Stephanie Herbst didn’t want to waste all of those useful toys, kitchen items, books and bedding. She...

In recent years, many of the top national universities have become even more selective.
College admissions continue trend of increasing selectiveness
Conrad Berke, Beat Editor • March 18, 2024

In the United States, college applications have steadily increased over the past few decades. In turn,...

Sequoia District Teachers Association (SDTA) was created to protect and promote the well-being of its members including teachers and staff at Woodside.
SUSHD's Negotiation has concurred and these are the details
Nathan Chen, Beat Editor • January 18, 2024

Public school negotiations in California have been going on since 1975 when the Rodda Act was passed...

Unfair working conditions and pay led workers to speak out and protest against these problems.
Tension over workers' rights prompts action
Nathan Chen, Beat Editor • October 17, 2023

Due to California’s inflation rates increasing, there has been an uptick in work and labor conflicts,...

Fires that swept through Maui this September displaced thousands of people and destroyed hundreds of homes.
How Maui's fires affected the Woodside community
Coco Beck, Staff Writer • October 13, 2023

Caused by a fallen powerline in early August, the Lahaina fires in Maui burnt down a beautiful place...

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