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A mid-year check in with freshmen

Aaron Campbell
Freshmen perform at the homecoming rally

Going from middle school to high school is a big change in every student’s life. 

Most high school students remember being nervous their first year of high school. In middle school, you might have a lot fewer students than in high school.  

Before high school, most middle school students imagine what high school will be like. Whether students base their thoughts on what older siblings, movies, or their parents tell them, it’s never as intimidating as it seems. 

“I thought it would be harder than it was,” freshman Nick Perna stated. “It’s not that much different than eighth grade.”

Academically, high school is a lot more challenging and fast paced. 

“Keeping track of homework and staying on top of dates can be kind of hard sometimes,” Perna said. “Other than that, it’s been pretty easy.”  

The increased workload forces students to manage their time a bit differently. 

“I do spend more time doing homework than I used to, but I still find a way to manage it all,” freshman Anica Gaggar said. “Especially by using my free period to get my work done.”

Although it is challenging at first, after a couple months, students start to get used to the way high school works. School counselor Jacqueline Grimaldi noticed that freshmen also have trouble at first seeking help and communicating with teachers and counselors. 

“Students also struggle with advocating for themselves with their teachers/counselors,” Grimaldi said. “They have a hard time communicating with others if they are absent or if they need additional help in class.

The first year of high school can be a lot different socially. Even if a lot of students came from your middle school, there’s still hundreds of new students in your grade and upperclassmen. Making new friends is something that every high school student goes through. 

“Freshmen usually have a hard time making friends on campus at the start of school,” Grimaldi stated. “It usually is easier for students who are already involved in sports but this is tough at first then as school goes by students typically end up making at least one good friend.” 

High school is a big turning point in students’ lives. The work is more difficult, there are more classes with different teachers and lots of students that you don’t know. 

“In the beginning, it was a little rocky,” Gaggar said. “I didn’t like high school, and I wanted to go back to middle school. Later on though, I made tons of friends and high school ended up being really fun.”

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