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Madeline Escobar: an athlete, senator and more

Madeline Escobar
Escobar shows her school spirit at a neon themed football game.

Madeline Escobar, a senior, shows her pride and support for her school by being involved in multiple activities at Woodside.

Escobar is a senior and has been involved in sports, clubs, and leadership all throughout her high school years. She has participated in a total of five sports at Woodside, including basketball, volleyball, waterpolo, tennis and lacrosse.

“I’ve always played multiple sports my whole life, so I wanted to continue doing that,” Escobar said. “I just love trying new things and challenging myself with new sports, like playing tennis this year. It was definitely a challenge, but it was really fun.”

Escobar’s main sport is lacrosse, which she plays for her club. She’s participated in a sport each season but that hasn’t stopped from getting involved in more activities on campus. Escobar is apart of leadership and greatly enjoys being a part of the program.

“I’ve been in leadership since sophomore year and I became a senator because I loved the leadership class,” Escobar said. “I realized I had a lot to contribute – I have a lot of ideas, and I thought I’d be good at making other people’s choices heard. I’m a really spirited person so I thought being a senator would be fun with leading class and everything.”

The role of a senator takes a lot of responsibility as they lead class and support their classmates. Being a senator and playing sports every season is no easy job, yet Escobar’s time management skills have come in handy, considering her busy schedule.

“The beginning of this year was pretty overwhelming with college apps but I think it’s pretty easy to balance because I love them [leadership and sports] both so much,” Escobar said.

Escobar enjoys all the activities she’s involved in and doesn’t find them to be too stressful.

“It’s more just fun than stress,” Escobar said. “It definitely gets overwhelming sometimes just because there’s so many different things that I have to remember with all my different activities.”

Escobar is involved in activities she finds interesting. Those hobbies and activities she does now may accompany her after highschool.

“I might play lacrosse in college,” Escobar said. “I’m not exactly sure yet but if I don’t get into a division then I’m definitely gonna play club in college and I might play club basketball or intramural basketball because I just want to keep doing it.”

Escobar’s plans to go to a 4 year college after highschool to study business and marketing. But, her passion for sports and leadership are all things she hopes to incorporate into her future.

“I want to be part of some sort of leadership program in college so I’m hoping after freshman year I’ll be able to do something or at least be apart of a club that has to do with leadership,” Escobar said.

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