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New and returning clubs at Woodside

medlineclub Instagram account
Medline Club co- presidents and co-vice president stand in front of their table at club rush.

With the start of the school year, new and previous clubs are back in session. If you’re looking for a club to join and don’t know which one, here are two of the clubs meeting this school year:

Medline Club:

Medline Club is a new club on campus, focused on getting students interested in pursuing medicine.

Alexandra Quezadaz, a senior and co-president of Medline, started this club with a couple of her friends to support herself and others who are interested in this field.

“I’m interested in the medical field and so is my co-president,” Quezadaz said. “All of our officers are intereted in the medical field, so we thought it would be a cool idea to start a club where people could come together to help each other and find out more about what we might be wanting to do in the future.”

So far, the club has lots of people interested because it offers amazing opportunities to get support.

“It’s pretty much a support group for people interested in medical careers or stem careers,” Quezadaz said. “We have people who are in different medical careers come in in-person or through zoom and we give them a little interview. They tell us about their career path, what goes into the career path, [and] different pathways for going into that career.”

Since the medical field is vast, the club is looking to get multiple professionals as guest speakers so students can learn more.

“We have an endocrinologist coming in and speaking about his career, a phlebotomist, [and] a nurse,” Quezadaz said. “Just different people who come in to talk about what they do and we’re also going to be fundraising different medical organizations.”

The club plans to host multiple guest speakers, but they also plan to participate in fundraisers for the community.

“We’re trying to fundraise for St. Judes Children’s Hospital and we’re going to help give information for other volunteer opportunities,” Quezadaz said.

The purpose of the Medline club is to teach other students about the medical field, and to support others as they consider what they want to pursue. They meet Thursdays in F-12 and can’t wait to welcome anyone interested in the club.

“If you’re interested in the medical field or any other stem career it would be a good place to find out more about what you might be wanting to do,” Quezadaz said.

Best Buddies Club:

Best Buddies has been at Woodside for a couple years yet, it’s a club that grows every year. Woodsidebestbuddies Instagram

Best Buddies meets to create friendships between general education students and with those with disabilities in order to build a more inclusive campus for all students.

Mary Daniher, a senior and co-president of Best Buddies, joined this club about four years ago.

“I joined freshman year because my sister was in the club, and I also have a brother with cerebral palsy; so it’s a topic that’s important to me,” Daniher said.

As the club evolves, Daniher notices the club’s growth over time.

“Last year we had about fifteen students in the club, and then, this year after club rush we had a lot of new club members at our next meeting,” Dahiner said.

Best Buddies has been at Woodside for a long time, but they still switch it up and have fun through multiple different activities.

“We mainly hang out, we eat lunch, and we play games,” Daniher said. “[We] do activities, do kahoots, play jeopardy, play bingo or word games like crosswords.”

While the club has fun, their purpose is to build a sense of belonging for students on campus.

“I want to make sure students have a place on campus where they can feel accepted and just have an inclusive environment,” Dahiner said.

Best Buddies meets Tuesday’s during lunch and they welcome anyone and everyone to their club.

“We invite everybody to come,” Daniher said. “It’s super fun; you get to meet a lot of new people and make a lot of new friends!”

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