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Career Paths of Staff Members at Woodside

Heidi Sharp, Danielle Kazmierczak, Jacqueline Grimaldi, and Amanda Olson
Teachers had many different journeys from high school to college before reaching Woodside.

In many cases, current Woodside staff members were unsure of their career path as teenagers.  

Back when many Woodside staff members were in high school, they had planned on working in a different career than the one they ended up in.

STARS Teacher/Educational Specialist Heidi Sharp poses with her friends in high school.

“In high school, I planned on becoming a midwife,” said STARS teacher and educational specialist Heidi Sharp. “But I ended up going to a school in the mountains and focused on forestry. I ultimately landed at a school in the Plumas National Forest studying backpacking and survival. I was very into nature and mostly wanted to live in the woods, camp, hike, and explore the Pacific Crest Trail and local watering holes.”

By the time many staff members were in college, their opinions changed drastically. 

“By the time my senior year came I was undecided,” said school psychologist Danielle Kazmierczak. “In college, I became interested in psychology. I think it was a combination of psychology and the desire to empower students with their learning profile.”

School psychologist Danielle Kazmierczak posing at her graduation before joining Woodside.

As teens, future careers weren’t on the minds of some staff members.

“I don’t think I thought about a career,” academic counselor Jacqueline Grimaldi said. “I just knew I had to do good so I could continue going on to college. In college, I eventually found my passion for work in education.”

Many staff members eventually determined what they wanted to do and found their true career path.  

“Studying nutrition and diet related diseases is when I realized I really wanted to help people learn how to eat nutritious food and cook for themselves,” said culinary arts teacher Amanda Olson.

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