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Start up of the new Woodside Boys Volleyball Club

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Three boys playing volleyball for fun on a beach with the sunset in the background.

As of this year, the first-ever Woodside Boys Volleyball Club is up and running.

In the New Gym every A day at lunch the Boys Volleyball club meets. The club currently needs around 16 signatures to be considered as an official boy’s volleyball team. It was started by junior Francisco Hernandez Rivera who played volleyball in middle school and hoped to play volleyball in high school.

“[I thought to myself] I’m gonna play volleyball for my school,” Hernandez Rivera said “but then I got here and there was no guys volleyball.”

There have been attempts to make a boy’s volleyball team at Woodside or a club in the past, but none have stuck. Hernandez Rivera wanted to give it a try and create a permanent club or even team. His main goal for the club is to get consistent players so they can build up a decent roster.

“[My hope is] the first year that we get the volleyball team up and running is the same year we go to the Central Coast Section (CCS).” Hernandez Rivera said.

Woodside has a Girls Freshman, Junior Varisty (JV), and Varsity Volleyball team. Why not a boy’s team? Many people, like sophomore and Girls JV Volleyball player Kaitlynn Fukuhara, wonder about this.

“I think that Woodside would benefit from a boys volleyball team,” Fukuhara said. “[In] my freshman year, I had no friends coming in [to Woodside] and volleyball helped me gain most of the friends I have today. It’s so inclusive and team-oriented. It’s great for everyone and not just girls.”

According to Sportico, boy’s high school volleyball numbers have increased by 40 percent since 2017. Volleyball itself was created by a man named William G Morgan in 1895 and has been played since then. 

“There’s no reason why Woodside shouldn’t have a boys volleyball team,” Fukuhara said. “So I don’t understand why we don’t in the first place.”

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