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Jimmy Hernandez becomes a new Guidance counselor

Xamara Carrillo
To speak with Mr. Hernandez, you can schedule an appointment with him by signing up on his clipboard.

Former College and Career Information Specialist Jimmy Hernandez is taking on a new role as a Guidance counselor this school year.

Hernandez has been at Woodside for a two years before taking on a new position. Although both of his positions had to do with counseling, working as a Guidance counselor is not the same as his past position.

“What I was doing for the past two years as a college information specialist was mainly focusing on the post-secondary options,” Hernandez said.

While his new position has similar tasks, being a Guidance counselor has new responsibilities.

“Now, as a school counselor, I support students in three domains, which [are] the academics, the social-emotional support, and the college and career readiness,” Hernandez said. “We’re getting them more prepared for graduation in terms of college advising, and career research and plans.”

As a Guidance counselor, Hernandez helps students choose their courses, prepares them for college, and helps students with their mental and physical health. As a college information specialist, he would only assist students if they reached out for help on college, and questions about life after high school.

“Students were coming in to get more information on how to do concurrent enrollment,” Hernandez said. “For example, [I was] helping them register, [and] helping them navigate that process but also for after graduation. A lot of my work was on things that required post graduation, meaning they were getting ready to graduate.”

In high school, Hernandez was very close with his counselor, and because of what he saw his counselor do, he started gaining interest in that career pathway.

“I pursued a counseling career because when I was in high school, I benefited a lot from my counselor,” Hernandez said. “They guided me, they supported me, they informed me, and kind of guided me in school with how to get ready for college. I’m very thankful for them. So, I [said]… maybe that’s something I want to do, so that’s why I pursued it.”

If students ever need to contact him, his clipboard outside his office helps them make an appointment. However, students are also always welcome to drop in if they need any support.

“[Students] could come to me for any support that they may need, and I also want them to know to take [their] time,” Hernandez said. “Sometimes, students don’t feel comfortable asking questions or asking for help, and I think it’s very important that you take your time, but also realize that it is important that you voice those needs.”

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Xamara Carrillo, Online Editor
Xamara Carrillo is a junior and third-year journalist. She enjoys writing about local and campus news. She hopes that she can improve her writing while telling others about what happens on campus. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering.