The Voice of the Wildcats

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The Voice of the Wildcats

The Paw Print

The Voice of the Wildcats

The Paw Print

Seniors will be doing many amazing things wherever they are at.

Seniors next steps after high school

Mary Keile, Staff Writer May 22, 2023

Many seniors plan on taking different paths after graduation that they feel are best for them. Some seniors will attend a community college, the military, a 4-year college, take a gap year, or not attend...

Renfield came out on April 14, 2023 and will be in the theaters for another week.

Review: “Renfield” is about finding your way out from evil darkness

Mary Keile, Staff Writer April 24, 2023

Even though I usually do not watch horror movies, I was interested in watching “Renfield” because I wanted to see what would happen at the end of the movie if Renfield would find peace from his scary-looking...

After half a year, this is the process of almost completing the senior thesis.

Seniors’ thoughts on the senior thesis this year

Mary Keile, Staff Writer April 21, 2023

In order to graduate, seniors are required to write a year-long paper on their topic of choice called the senior thesis. With large amounts of schoolwork, applying to colleges, and managing extracurricular...

Junior Alex Frampton works on pre-calculus on the computer.

Behind the screens of teenage technology usage

Mary Keile, Staff Writer March 28, 2023

Woodside students rely heavily on technology to support their academic studies, but this dependence can result in various issues, such as bad eyesight, anxiety, stress, etc. With homework assignments and...

The competition took place on February 18, 2023.

Dance team “jazzes” it up at competition

Mary Keile, Staff Writer March 11, 2023

The Woodside dance team won second place in the overall competition against Lincoln High School, in Fremont, California on February 18. “This competition was a first for our team,” junior Barbara...

The Bible club meets on Thursdays at lunch in E - 19.   

The new Bible Club helps students better understand Christian scripture

Mary Keile, Staff Writer March 6, 2023

The new Bible Club meets on Thursday at lunch in E-19 to read and discuss the Bible. Per the first amendment, this is not a school-sponsored club, rather, it is student-led.   Club members learn about...

Check out CDC to prepare for the next incoming storm near you.   

Campus affected by the bomb cyclone rainstorm

Mary Keile, Staff Writer February 2, 2023

The rainstorm, the bomb cyclone storm, gushed through the Bay Area, and heavy wind swept our campus at the start of January 1, 2023. The rainstorm caused many power outages, flooding, and road closures...

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