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How to spend summer time productively

Luisa Gapastione
The sunset from Venice Beach in Half Moon Bay off Highway 1.

Summer in the Bay Area brings many opportunities for fun activities.

During the eight weeks of summer break, getting stuck in a cycle of boredom and lying about is easy. Between trips, camps, and/or summer school, however, there are a number of fun ways to spend summer time productively. Many students have summer jobs to keep them busy.

“I go to a camp every year, but now I’m working as a camp counselor,” junior Lily Gustafson said. “It’s fun because first I was going there as a camper and now I’m working there. So that’s my summer vacation.” 

Some students, like freshman Merari Linares, hope to work at school for their summer. There are jobs for students to assist teachers and staff while summer school is happening.

“Hopefully, I can get a summer job here at Woodside,” Linares said. “And if not, I’ll just go on a week’s vacation to my cousin’s house or to some friend’s house.”

Other students will be kept busy with sports games, clubs, and tournaments. 

“My main summer plans are to play travel softball throughout the summer,” sophomore Marissa Calderon said. “We get to go to Colorado, Oregon, and LA during the summer for tournaments, which will be great fun.” 

The Bay Area has many beaches that can help people enjoy time with friends. The Pacific State Beach (or Lind Mar) and Poplar Beach are pet-friendly. Montara State Beach is known for its tide pools and fishing. 

“My summer bucket list includes watching the sunrise at the beach and the sunset,” Calderon said. “I want to make this summer one of the best ones yet for me and my friends, especially by hanging out more since we are all super busy.” 

Farmer’s markets are spread all around the Bay Area and provide an opportunity to get fresh produce and products directly from the farmers who grew them. It’s also a spot to shop around with friends.

“My favorite part about summer is that I have the freedom to do what I want, hang out with my friends when I want,” Gustafson said. “There’s not really any stress because there’s no school.” 

Off of Highway 280 is the historical museum and gardens known as Filoli. Filoli is made up of a country estate and 16 acres of space filled with flowers and wildlife. For students like Gustafson, a trip to the gardens is a quick way to get out of the house.

“I like to sit outside a lot in the summer, [and now] I can go for a drive,” Gustafson said. “[My friends] can all drive each other now.”

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