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Varsity girls lacrosse squashes all competition

The girls lacrosse team commonly participates in team bonding exercises like spirit days to build team spirit and competitiveness.

As the regular spring season for girls lacrosse comes to an end, the undefeated team basks in their spring season victories against teams like Sequoia, Aragon, Carlmont, Burlingame, and Woodside Priory, making them the 2022 league champions for girls lacrosse.

The girls are on their way to competing for the CCS title after not competing in CCS during the previous school year.

“Last year we didn’t place a bid for CCS due to the fact that it bled into summer,” senior Laura Weppner said. “Now we’re moving on to CCS, which should be very interesting, but we have a really strong team; I’m hopeful that our future is bright.”

The team consists of thirteen seniors, many of them key players, in addition to junior Madi Escobar who has been playing on the varsity lacrosse team since her freshman year.

“Madi Escobar is an amazing lacrosse player,” Weppner said. “She has been playing the sport for a really long time, is definitely one of our key players and she loves to run which is great.”

Games against big rivals like the Sequoia Ravens and Burlingame Panthers prove to be the best, most intense games.

“Burlingame is our rival and our game against them was definitely the best,” Weppner said.

Girls lacrosse consistently does dress-up days and spirit days in order to boost team spirit and elevate the overall environment while simultaneously continuing to maintain a competitive nature.

“We do a lot of dress-up days like “lax bros” day, Harry Potter day and we had one where we did a big group activity called the Olympics,” Weppner said. “There are six teams that get created randomly by our coaches and we compete in a bunch of lacrosse scrimmages, relays, and conditioning, and the points get totaled up, and then, in the end, there’s a winning team. It’s very competitive.”

The team consists of a very tight-knit group who enjoy the company of each other, and their coaches, who have hit their 10th year of coaching this spring.

“Our coaches have been coaching for 10 years, they’re married, and we love them both,” Weppner stated. “They definitely add to the fun and overall experience of playing lacrosse for Woodside.”

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