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Although the womens bathrooms do not provide free feminine products, they do however, have working facilities including sinks, newly replaced mirrors and hand dryers.

Lack of feminine products sparks school-wide action

Cebelli Pfeifer, Co-Editor In Chief November 18, 2022

The lack of free feminine products provided in student restrooms has sparked a conversation about improving Woodside restrooms in addition to prompting district action. One way the issue has been addressed...

A woodside student opens up the BeReal app to see what their friends are up to

BeReal: Just people being real

Charlie Sullivan, Staff Writer June 2, 2022

BeReal is a fairly new social media app that has gained popularity amongst the Woodside community over the course of the past few months. This app hopes to make social media a little bit more casual and...

Similar to her sister, Evans officiated her commitment to Stanford University at Woodside High school during a lunchtime ceremony put together by Woodside High school and was joined by her parents Dena Evans (left) and Marlon Evans (right).

A generational legacy: Elise Evans joins the Stanford family ‘tree’

Cebelli Pfeifer, World News Editor May 25, 2022

Current Woodside High school Senior, Elise Evans who verbally committed to Stanford her Freshman year, is officially becoming a part of the first-ever mother-daughter duo to compete in Women’s Soccer...

The girls lacrosse team commonly participates in team bonding exercises like spirit days to build team spirit and competitiveness.

Varsity girls lacrosse squashes all competition

Cebelli Pfeifer, World News Editor May 3, 2022

As the regular spring season for girls lacrosse comes to an end, the undefeated team basks in their spring season victories against teams like Sequoia, Aragon, Carlmont, Burlingame, and Woodside Priory,...

Creator of the Week: Sara Typrin

Creator of the Week: Sara Typrin

Amelie de Leon, Co-Editor in Chief April 15, 2022

Creator of the Week: Naiya Kobayashi

Creator of the Week: Naiya Kobayashi

Amelie de Leon, Co-Editor in Chief March 18, 2022

Woodside Bad Parking Account has been a fan favorite of Woodside Students.

Dozing Students to Horrendous Parking Jobs: Woodside Instagram Accounts are in Abundance

Conrad Berke, Staff Writer January 25, 2022

A new craze has recently sparked up across high schools all over the country: student-run Instagram accounts about their own schools. Woodside has been no exception. From accounts dedicated to student...

The sun sets behind Woodsides Parking lot on Monday, January 17, 2022. Woodside students were asked about their favorite law-complying bell schedule for next year before break, and there are some definite losers and winners in there

Opinion: There is One Clear Winner For Best New Bell Schedule

Cedrik von Briel, Managing Editor January 25, 2022

Back in forever (October 2019), California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a fantastic bill into law that would ban high schools in California from starting their day before 8:30 every morning. The change...

Northern Lights, Woodsides 2022 Winter Formal is set to happen on February 12 at 7:30 in the quad and old gym.

Woodside’s 2022 Winter Formal: What to know?

Jessica Lin, Local Editor January 24, 2022
Woodside's 2022 Winter Formal, Northern Lights, is scheduled for February 12. Due to concerns over Covid-19 and its latest variant Omicron, the dance will be held both in the quad and in the old gym.
The Woodside Wrestling team takes a selfie after their first dual meet on Thursday. Woodside lost to Carlmont but beat Hillsdale on criteria

Woodside Wrestling Kicks Off Their Season

Cedrik von Briel, Managing Editor January 14, 2022

Woodside Wrestling will got their competition season started with a bang Thursday as they headed to Hillsdale for their first dual meet of the year The season has so far consisted of training, preps,...

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