Carlmont SAT Canceled In Response to Coronavirus Spread


Taila Lee

The SAT at Carlmont High School was cancelled by the College Board.

Taila Lee, Coeditor in Chief

Carlmont High School, where many Woodside students take their SATs, is among the many test centers where the College Board canceled the March 14 SAT due to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

“In accordance with guidance issued by the international health organizations, and due to current travel restrictions and school closures, we canceled registrations for the March 14 SAT in areas affected by the coronavirus,” read a statement from the College Board. “Students with canceled registrations will receive a full refund.”

Some test centers are offering alternate locations for makeup testing, but Carlmont is not. Woodside junior Erin Davis, who was registered to take the March 14 SAT at Carlmont, heard about the test cancellation from a friend.

“I just don’t know when I’ll be able to take the SAT next, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to afford another tutor,” shared Davis, who has been working with a tutor for about two months.

Ethan Lau, a Woodside junior, was also registered to take the Carlmont March 14 SAT.

“I got an email about it, and I was not surprised, honestly, with everything going on as a result of the outbreak of the coronavirus,” Lau stated. “In the last two or three days, it has increased significantly, so I’m not particularly surprised.”

Lau plans to reschedule his SAT soon.

“Figuring that out is just going to be a pain, but these things happen,” Lau said. “You[‘ve] got to just push through.”

For more information or updates on the coronavirus, visit the College Board website or view SAT test center closings here.