Woodside’s Pink Ribbon Club


A pink ribbon symbolizes breast cancer awareness and inspired the name for the Pink Ribbon Club.

Elaine Haag, Staff Writer

WHS Pink Ribbon is a club dedicated to spreading awareness about problems revolving around women’s health. It meets in E-9 every Monday.

Woodside High School teacher Lisa Camera, the club’s faculty advisor, has been running the club for a long time.

“This club started a long time ago,” Camera said. “I want to say it could be 15 years ago. I wasn’t the original faculty advisor. After two years of the club happening, the teacher who was running it retired or left. It came over to me.”

The Pink Ribbon Club has become quite popular over the years.

“It was something that grew out of student interest. It really has picked up speed and maintained for a long time.” Camera continued.

The pink ribbon is usually a symbol for breast cancer and is often used to spread awareness on the topic. This was exactly the Pink Ribbon Club’s goal.

“Our goal is to raise awareness and raise money to support issues that are significant to women’s health,” Camera explains. “So it started off being just breast cancer awareness, and then about three years ago, we decided to open it up to even more issues that women deal with.”