Netflix Show Accused of Fat-Shaming

Insatiable Was Met With Heavy Backlash After the Show’s Release

Chelly Cerrillo, Staff Writer

Netflix released a new show titled Insatiable in August, sparking accusations of fat shaming.

The show focuses on a girl named Patty who was body shamed by her high school peers until a procedure causes her to lose a great deal of weight and makes her popular. She then decides to get revenge on numerous people and even goes as far as killing some.

[Body shaming] is really horrible and it shouldn’t be a thing that happens.”

— Carmen Ruiz

“[People] probably [body shame] because they’re insecure about themselves,” Clara Kirksey, a Woodside High School freshman, declared.

People from many different age groups have been talking about the show prior to the release, and it grew even more popular after it had been accused of fat shaming.  

“I don’t like body shaming because it’s rude,” Lucia Bellver Eymann, a 3rd grader at Adelante Immersion School, said. “I don’t like it because it’s judging people by their body looks and it’s unkind to judge like that.”

When the first trailer of the show was released on July 19, it received many hate comments accusing the show of being insensitive and offensive. 

“The Show promotes fat shaming, teaches young people that if you don’t eat, you’ll become skinny and desirable, romanticizes revenge fantasies, and shows that you’re only deserving of love and popularity if you fall into society’s regulations,” an anonymous Twitter user wrote.

On September 12, the show announced that they were renewed for a second season.  

“[Body shaming] is really horrible and it shouldn’t be a thing that happens because it’s not really someone’s fault if they’re skinny, fat, or any body type,” Carmen Ruiz, a former health teacher, stated.