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Sometimes Death Comes in Threes

Big-name public figures such as EDM-icon Avicii, former First-Lady Barbara Bush and actor best-known for playing Mini-Me in Austin Powers; Verne Troyer had passed away.

Many people around the world were shocked and saddened to discover that the 28-year old ‘Wake Me Up’ artist, Avicii, committed suicide last Friday.

Avicii had retired from international touring in 2016 due to a series of health scares related to excessive drinking. Several Woodside students were fans of Avicii’s work and were saddened by his death. 

“Way too young, he had songs like ‘Levels’ and ‘Wake Me Up’ that were pretty big a few years ago,” stated senior Humberto Cruz who expressed shock over the death of the two-time Grammy nominee.

To add on to the tragedy, another notable name of last week who had passed away was former-first Lady, Barbara Bush.

Shortly after she passed away, former President George H.W Bush stated that she was the “most beloved woman in the world” and that he had faith that she was in a good place. However, a day after her funeral, he became hospitalized over a blood infection and has remained there since then.

Actor best known for playing Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movies was also unfortunately among the list of those who passed away last week. Verne Troyer, who suffered from dwarfism which was the explanation for his diminutive stature, lived a very difficult lifestyle due to his height of 2’8.

“It’s all adjusted for me, I have extensions that come off the pedals to go up to where my feet are. I also have some pillows to sit on. But I try to drive like everybody else,” stated the 49-year-old actor in an interview with Jenson in December 2017. The actor had a specially adjusted car as well as miniature furniture throughout his house.

It was later reported that his cause of death was a suicide and was found heavily intoxicated with three times the legal limit of alcohol to drive.

All of these celebrities had great impacts on the world in which they lived in, and their memories will last years in the hearts of millions of Americans.

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