Woodside Improves the Formal Experience

Woodside’s 2018 winter formal was markedly improved from last year’s event, but students still have suggestions.

Students and teachers alike deemed last weekend’s Woodside High School’s 2018 winter formal generally successful.

Students regard last year’s winter dance as a failure for a variety of reasons—  something that did not go unnoticed by the planners of this year’s formal.

Leslie With, Woodside’s director of student activities, explains the process: “The dance is planned in combination with leadership and the sophomore class. In the leadership class, we designate a lead and a committee to plan the dance… that committee works with the sophomores.”

While last year, organization and planning of the dance followed the same structure, unexpected issues threw a wrench into the formal’s turnout.

With, who is widely renowned for her oversight in school activities, was absent the first semester of last year on maternity leave and unable to oversee the planning of the dance. The event was also scheduled before winter break on a Friday, which further dissuaded students from attending.

Sophomore class president Adrienne Evans was enthusiastic about attempts made to encourage students this year, commenting that there had been “lots of advertising, lots of posters, talking about it at class boards, and of course on social media.”

The vigorous work done by the Winter Formal committee and sophomore class seems to have paid off: 528 tickets were sold to the 2018 dance, more than double the 250 sold in 2017, helping the 2018 formal made almost twice as much money.

Sophomore Sophie Morgan seemed pleased with her formal experience, telling the Paw Print that  “this formal was much better than last year’s formal.” And the heightened attendance also made a difference. Morgan liked that “overall, there was a lot more people.”

Organizers of the event know that it’s impossible to please such a large and diverse crowd, especially when it comes to the music. Last year, the DJ was widely hated, while this year’s reactions were mixed.

Freshman Reis England, a first-time attendee of the Woodside formal, had his own opinion on how to improve the music: “I think people should have requested better songs, or, on Saturday, it should be mandatory to request songs.”

While England chose not to elaborate on mandatory song requesting, he is not alone in his wish for a change in music. Morgan, too, felt that “the DJ could have been better in general.”

Despite increasing popularity amongst students, formal still has a some changes to make.

When asked what could have been different, Ms. With adds,  “I wish we had even more students. I wish we had more students come, and stay for the night and enjoy themselves.”