Wildcat Triumph at WHS vs. Carlmont Football Game

Wildcats vs. Scots


Throughout the duration of the game against Carlmont, Woodside continued to supercede the Scots’ score.

“Week after week, I’ve been impressed by the school’s improving performance against other teams and games like this definitely prove that,” former student Tsai Greene stated, who graduated in 2017 but still operates the score board.

Students often attend the events to cheer on the players throughout the course of the game.  However, Carlmont’s side of the bleachers was quiet throughout the entirety of the game, while a select group of Woodside students unsubtly showed their school spirit.

“To be honest, that tends to happen every time the games are hosted at home since less people tend to show up from the visiting team,” junior Karl Nueckle stated, who plays drums in the school band.

Those in the stands were impressed by the Woodside’s high score against the Scots.

“I knew they were doing well, but I never expected this high of a score! Hopefully our football team can do as well next season,” junior Alex Kastelein said.

However, despite playing a high score during the game, it was just another week for the Woodside varsity basketball team.

“Thanks for cheering us on,” junior and football player Dean Davis said.  “We’ll keep getting W’s until the end of the season!”