The Secret Life of Teachers

What the Students Don’t Know

Daniela Thorne, Staff Writer

Teachers at Woodside High school are on campus before their students arrive and stay long after their students leave. What most students don’t know however, is what they do off campus.

English teachers, Mrs. Krampert and Mrs. Coughlin, and History teacher, Mr. Dolan, are just three of the many intriguing teachers at Woodside High School. Although most of class time involves topics relating the subjects that they teach, the teachers seem to have lives outside of school that students might not have imagined.

Mrs. Krampert, who teaches AS English I and English II, explains that she is pretty much an open book and does not have any secrets. She claims to love reading, just as any English teacher would be assumed to. Yet, she spends a lot of her free time with her daughters.  

“I do enjoy stupid reality TV shows though,” she told the Woodside World. “Embarrassingly, I will admit to that.”

Mrs. Coughlin, another AS English I teacher, explains that her students already know most things about her. Enjoying travel planning, and cooking for her family, she shares several traits to most ordinary moms.

Yet, there is something that a lot of students wouldn’t expect from their instructor. “I do some weightlifting,” Miss Coughlin explains, “I often use the kettlebells.”

Mr. Dolan, who teaches both World Studies, and AP Modern European History, claims to have collected a hive of honey bees from the wild all by himself.

“Most people are actually afraid of swarms,” Mr. Dolan states. “But, when they are swirling around, and they don’t have a hive, they are actually not agressive at all.”

Proud of his collection of bees, Mr. Dolan explains that at the end of the next school year, he plans on rewarding his students by placing a raw frame of honey upon each of the students’ desks for them to enjoy.

“I would have never guessed,” says freshman Colby Peck. “I thought he would read National Geographic in his free time, or other voluminous books.”