Senior Wildcats Eager to get a Day Off

The annual Senior Skip Day has arrived

Beck Patrone, Sports Editor

Nearly one quarter of Woodside High School’s student body will be missing this Friday, the 27th of May.

This Friday marks the infamous “Senior Ditch Day.” Almost all seniors have waited for this  day every single year of their high school career.  Senior ditch day defines their elderness as well as their superiority over the rest of the school. While teachers complain about the massive amount of absences during the crucial stretch of school right before finals, care-free seniors are starting to realize that the finish line of high school is now directly in sight, which means that it is finally time for some much needed recreation and celebration.

“On senior skip day my best friends and I are going to go up to San Francisco,” cheerful Senior Hayley Chavez said. “We’re going to have a picnic at Crissy Field and enjoy the nice weather, the fun day off, and adventure around the city!”

The day off finally gives seniors the chance to relax and unwind as they recover from the tough four years of constant stress due to homework assignments, tests, and massive projects like the senior thesis, which was turned in only a few weeks ago.

“Senioritis has definitely hit me hard by now; it’s getting harder and harder to go to class. On senior ditch day I’m going to the beach and having fun with friends,” senior Isabel Alcala said.

While people may think that students will be missing valuable time while they are not present at school, most seniors could not care less.

“I don’t think I’ll miss out on anything because, at this point in senior year, it’s kind of pointless; everyone is just trying to relax and graduate already,” mentioned senior, Juliana Silk.

Despite the high level of happiness and joy that seniors currently have, younger Woodside Students are somewhat jealous of the luxuries that the older kids get to have right before they graduate.

“I couldn’t imagine skipping class, but I really can’t wait until I get to without getting in trouble,” added junior Justin Swan.

As the school year winds down, seniors are finally getting the chance that they deserve to relax and celebrate. With this break from the pressure of school it will give these hopeful students the last chance to reminisce with their friends in high school.

“I’m just trying to enjoy my last days with the friends that I have met in high school,” Isabel Alcala.