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Woodside’s March Madness

Students Showing Spirit

Spirit Week showcased two types of students: those who were decked out from head to toe and those who did not give it a second thought.

March Madness week, a spirit week covering five different spirit days, captures the disperse enthusiasm of Wildcat students on campus.

From Woodside Color Day, Mathlete v.s Athlete, Pink Ribbon, Wacky Tacky, and St. Patrick’s Day a minimal amount of students dressed up throughout the week. While the freshman class appeared to have the most spirit, seniors came close, leaving the sophomores and juniors behind.

Some students who struggled to showcase spirit, such as freshman Rebecca Noy, do not have the certain clothing required for each spirit day, making it difficult to participate in these events.

“I don’t have any white,” Noy explains, “I am planning on showing more spirit throughout the week though,”

Other students argue that the timing of this particular spirit week was inconvenient. Junior Ramiz Herro thinks this is because of poor planning from the Woodside student leadership.

“It could just be because they are running low on ideas,” Herro commented. “It seems strange to have a spirit week because of the college basketball tournament.”

Freshmen class President, Adrienne Evans explains that she only expected one third of each class to dress up.

When asked about how well the event was being publicised Evans replied, “I think that spirit week could have been advertised more throughout the school other than just in the quad.”

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