The Starbucks employees discuss their observations about the recent boycott and if they have been noticing a decline in customers.

Travis Moss, Staff Writer

Trump supporters made #BoycottStarbucks a top Twitter trend on Twitter after the CEO  of Starbucks said that they would continue to hire refugees.

However, according to the local Starbucks on Woodside Road, the Trump train’s troublesome tweets appeared to have backfired and customers continued to feed their coffee cravings.

Juan, a Starbucks barista, told the Woodside World, “…not really, we always have certain customers at certain times of the day and so far nothing has changed…”   

Another Starbucks barista agreed.

“…Yeah, since it was so recent [announced 2 days prior] nothing has changed, but something could be happening over time…” Michelle said.

While the local Starbucks isn’t hurting, some people have expressed their frustration on social media with the company’s recent decision causing Starbucks to lose customers elsewhere.

@theoptionoracle tweeted, “Every Retweet sends a message to the CEO of @Starbucks that they’ve lost another customer.”.

Another Twitter user seemed to imitate President Trump’s tone.

@Lrihendry tweeted, “Why would a coffee shop get political and risk losing half of their business? STUPID!” .

Another reason people were enraged was because Starbucks chose to hire 10,000 refugees over potentially hiring 50,000 veterans.

Instead of hiring 10,000 AMERICAN VETERANS, #Starbucks has decided to hire 10,000 ‘refugees’,” @The_Trump_Train tweeted.  

People are tweeting their diatribes. One even explained that they would rather the boycotters turn off their Orwellian devices and take action. 

@MyDaughtersArmy tweeted with an image, “I wish all the people who kept posting cared as much about homeless vets as they do about refugees and immigrants… actually showed they gave a damn about homeless vets by doing anything themselves. Posting a meme does not help anyone. If you’re not actually doing something to help others, I don’t want to hear you complaining of the efforts of people who actually are.”

The discrepancy between the opinions of those on Twitter versus those working at Starbucks suggests that this boycott of the most dominating coffee industry in the world will come to an end sometime soon and will have been considered a meaningless fad to begin with.