The Sentiment Towards Woodside High School’s Cafeteria Food Menu

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Nick Fischer, Opinion Editor

The student’s stomach growls and he checks to see if he had alerted his peers. Yet, they kept their heads turned away from the student; as soon as the bell rang from the circular, red mechanical wall-attachment, the student rushed to the orange and birch wood schemed food court. The line became more and more congested but the student waited watching the fellow food-compatriots around him. Finally he reaches the end of the line and he stares the lunch lady in the face.

The Woodside High school’s food menu has experienced appreciation and dread from its customers.

The staple food of the cafeteria menu is a $3.75 meal including a carton of milk and seemingly endless veggies and/or fruit and a selection of pepperoni, cheese, or veggie pizza, a turkey or ham sandwich, spicy-chicken burger, cheese burger, bean and cheese burritos, and finally the simple option of condiments like Ketchup Mustard, and Mayonnaise. Pretty progressive health-wise and considerate regarding its free lunch program for applicable students.

In regards to the sentiment of the food opinions vary. Matthew Kerr, a frequent customer of the Woodside Cafeteria food, explained his opinion on the food.

“Food here is of low quality and it doesn’t taste good” as Matthew tells it.

Regardless of the various sentiments, students like Matthew and Levi Rutherford purchase the staple lunch option. Levi gets the lunch three out of five times a week.

“I mean it’s all right, there’s not a lot of options,” Levi confessed.

Mason Carthon, another student, buys the lunch occasionally.

“It’s good for people that like need something to eat,” Mason explained.

Naturally the lunch program has a diverse system ranging from prepayment options to free or reduced fees.

For every prepayment of $100 or more, receive a 5% bonus added to your student’s account” stated the Woodside website.

The free lunch program is granted to those who apply and are applicable. Considering the overall options of what to eat, the parameters of the free or reduced lunch program is quite generous.

Qualifying students receive one breakfast meal and one lunch meal daily” the Woodside website elaborated briefly on this.

The woodside lunch program provides vast options especially for students that use the school lunch as their only source of food. Darnell Ellis spoke on how the free lunch program can support students during the long school day.

“It’s good for kids who can’t afford the lunch at school,” Darnell Ellis voiced.