Straying Away From Stress

Daniela Thorne, Staff Writer

Finals are around the corner and students are anxiously waiting to see their end of semester grades, causing a lot of stress for those wanting to improve their GPA.

According to, connecting with others, and getting exercise can be useful to avoid stress. Unfortunately however, not a lot of people have time to talk to their friends or get much exercise when they have to balance seven classes worth of studying, covering material they have learned since the beginning of the year.

Milena Raeber, freshman at Woodside agrees that exercise is a productive way to reduce stress “I dance a lot which helps take my mind off all the studying I have to do.”

According to it is possible that the person who is stressed out could be adding extra presure on themselves instead of actually analyzing what they have to do, therefore, thinking, and talking about your final, may actually reduce the worries you have about it.

Kevin DeAntoni, freshman at Woodside High School found this out for himself, “I have been talking with my friends about the finals and we are scared about it, but talking to them makes me feel a lot better,” suggests to have a specific goal while studying, and focusing on one subject for a specific amount of time to keep the topics you have reviewed fresh in your brain.

“I try and work on one class at a time instead of trying to do everything for all my different classes,” says Rebecca Rodriguez, freshman at Woodside.

One of the most common and effective ways to reduce stress however is sleep. According to you strengthen your memory and go over the skills you learned when you were awake in a process called consolidation.

Louise Hautefeuille freshman at Woodside seems to have a solid plan on how she will conquer finals, “I plan on getting a lot of sleep, and eating a nice healthy breakfast in the morning,”

Being stressed is not always a bad thing however, reminds us that, “It allows us to ignore distractions so that we can focus on the task at hand.”