Should LGBT+ Scared?

Is it worth it?

Kianna Koeppen, Staff Writer

Queer and LGBTQ people are wondering if it is worth it being scared of their lives and future.

The electoral results are causing panic and confusion with people panicking for their lives and safety without President Donald Trump in office yet. However, Trump has spoken openly against women and hispanics and with his vice president, Mike Pence, has been funding and supporting conversion therapy. Not only are many hispanics and jews terrified for their lives and the future of the country, but people who are queer and trans are scared for their own lives and that they or their friends could be sent to conversion camps.

“I am definitely scared for our country,” Non-binary pansexual sophomore Zeejai Leonard said. “Just because it’s scary that all of these people have chosen people like Trump and Pence to do this and Pence is a supporter of conversion therapy and electric shock therapy, which I think is horrible.”

Conversion and electroshock therapy are both huge fears for LGBTQ people, but some people do realise that there is only so much the government can do.

“It kinda is a little nerve racking,” expressed lesbian sophomore Danny Whiting. “because of the ideas that Mike Pence comes into the office, with that ideal that putting in conversion therapy and electroshock therapy, which I kinda know personally that he can’t do because of other constitutional laws regarding child care and such, but it’s really nerve wracking to know that people out there believe in that and could try and do horrible things to me.”

Many queer people are terrified of not only the thought of going to conversion camps, but of what could change.

“It’s scary I think mostly because we don’t know, however, Pence leads us to ideas about where this might go.” Tara Theobald-Anderson, an adult queer woman, said. “Pence has been outspoken for conversion therapy and Pence has had a whole series of positions I don’t think Trump might have. I think it’s hard because nothing’s been articulated and the only thing we have to go by is Pence’s policies, which have been pretty terrifying for gay and trans people and queer people.”

Despite people having a valid reason to be afraid based on the future not being as explicit as many would want for it to be, many are still wondering if it is actually worth it being scared.