Holiday Tensions

Stella Haussler, Staff Writer

The holidays are right around the corner and every one is prepping for the happy holiday, but traditions and festivities are not the only thing that comes to town every year.

The season of giving is upon us but along with jolly feelings and Christmas carols comes the stress of traveling, cooking, greeting, and gifting. Many are already stressed about finals and life in general, but adding the merry celebration can cause stress for the series of events that follow the start of winter break.

Traveling is a major factor, whether you’re staying in one place or leaving the comfortable surroundings in your home, friends and relatives from everywhere and anywhere come to join you for a feast. And although it is nice to see your dearest and nearest, you might see that one spiteful aunt or annoying younger cousin.

“We are staying through the holidays but we are going to Puerto Vallarta for New Years.” says Leslie Pedrin, PE dance coach at Woodside High School. “We’re very excited.” But when asked about family members that may annoy her she laughed and replied, “Kind of, but I don’t mind I put it aside for the holidays..there’s always that one, but I probably am for the family.”

“I’m going to Australia,” says Riley Bellomo, freshman at Woodside. “We’re going with some family and friends.” but while she looks forward to tanning in the hot weather she dreads seeing family member in particular. “My grandpa’s really judgmental, so he yells at me everytime I see him but otherwise it’s good to see him. It’s a love hate relationship.”

And along with visiting there’s gifting, which can be frustrating and confusing. Giving presents to someone can be difficult everyone wants something special but that something is sometimes expensive.

“All online, I have not been out to do the crowd thing.” replied Pedrin after asked about her gifting routine. “Gifts. Money. Everything seems to be so expensive. Nobody wants the little things anymore.”

“Finding out what people want is most stressful,” says Bellomo, “a lot of people say ‘I don’t know what I want’ and I’m like ‘Well I don’t know either.’”