Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Sarah Preston, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Ria Calcagno, Super BOSA President and member of the LGBTQ+ community, recently submitted her proposal for gender neutral bathrooms to administration in the hopes that it will quickly be enacted and then can properly cater to the entire Woodside High school community.  

The Sequoia Union High school district caters to a very diverse student body population, the majority of the larger schools already have these bathrooms on campus. However, it seems that Woodside is still without these.

“I interviewed a transgender student here at Woodside and told me about the negative experiences he had in the bathrooms both physically and verbally,” Ria told the Woodside World.

While awaiting for the proposal to be viewed by administration many students are awaiting their response in hopes of a positive outcome.

Chris is a transgender student here at Woodside and has not only seen the mistreatment on campus but has also faced the mistreatment himself.

With a present LGBTQ+ community on campus, it is important to not only include them but also make sure that they have equal treatment.

“A gender neutral bathrooms opens up the opportunities for students to feel more comfortable and safe.”
Many students feel that Administration should not only pass the proposal but it is there job, student Evan Farrar told the Woodside World, “Admin has a responsibility to represent as many students as possible.”