Quit While You’re Ahead

The Superintendent’s retirement at the end of the semester

Nick Fischer, Opinion Editor

The objective of James Lianides has been to create schools with exceptional and diverse education that unifies students in the Sequoia High School Union District.

The legacy of James Lianides is that he has created a progressive and diverse environment that will continue after his retirement at the end of the semester.

James Lianides, the Superintendent of the Sequoia High School Union District, will be retiring at semester’s end. The potential impacts his retirement could have on the various schools and students under the umbrella district are unclear and spark deep concern; in theory Lianides’ legacy is concrete and will continue to build an innovative school district.

“The Sequoia Union High School District annually serves 8,900 9th to 12th grade students through its four distinguished comprehensive high schools,” stated Lianides on the “Superintendent’s message” from the Sequoia District Website.

These schools (Carlmont, Menlo-Atherton, Sequoia, and Woodside) have maintained steady progress leaning towards providing education for a wide range of different neighborhoods.

“The Sequoia district serves the communities of Atherton, Belmont, East Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Portola Valley, Redwood City, Redwood Shores, San Carlos, and Woodside,” continued the Superintendent’s message.

These communities can be drastically different settings. For example East Palo Alto and Atherton have a much different average household income. The Lianides administration has attempted to address and remedy this fact.

“The District serves a very diverse student population and is actively engaged in instructional strategies and professional development to lower the achievement gap,” explained the Superintendent message.

The principals of the Lianides administration have surrounded education and the large contribution proper schooling can offer. This umbrella district is able to offer the necessary opportunities needed to succeed in and outside of school.

“As part of the District’s vision of engaging and preparing all students to excel in a global society, the District offers a rigorous college prep curriculum and support to all students who aspire to higher education, including students ‘in the middle’ and first-generation college students,” stated the Superintendent message.

Despite the Lianides administration’s ability to address the fact that each communities are different and thus require diverse student programs to head each student’s individual need, the administration has also offered exceptional visual and performing arts programs.

“Sequoia district’s high schools offer dynamic visual and performing arts opportunities, career technical education pathways, competitive athletic programs and many other student enrichment activities,” said the district website.

The legacy of James Lianides has been secured by all the actions made by him and his trustees. However one thing is for certain, the Sequoia Union High School District would not be where it is now without Superintendent Lianides. The principals of the Lianides Administration will be preserved commemorating Superintendent Lianides as the wise leader that unified and pushed students to achieve great things.

“Dr. Lianides leads the Sequoia Union High School District,” the Sequoia Union district website stated.