Getting Into College Can Be Easy

The story that exposes how students don’t use Woodside’s College and Career Center


Nick Fischer, Opinion Editor

The Woodside High School College and Career Center is a pivotal resource offered to all grades.

It’s application season for seniors at Woodside High School with many application due dates right around the corner. Fortunately, Woodside provides its students with a facility that has the ability to save money, ease tension and anxiety, and–quite possibly–alter a student’s future for the better.

“The College and Career Center is a place–it’s a resource with people,” explained Zorina Matavulj, a 20-year Woodside College and Career Center counselor.

This time of year is particularly stressful for senior students because of the tense application process.

The Woodside High School website stated, “Senior year is fun, bittersweet and also a bit hectic. Make sure you celebrate all you’ve achieved and create lasting memories of your last year at Woodside High School.”

Much of a student’s senior year has to do with determining what direction life will go after high school. Whether its community college, a four year college, or even a career, Woodside’s College Career Center is a reliable source of guidance.

“When students leave high school they need guidance… we provide guidance,” Matavulj elaborated.

The College and Career Center reaches out to all levels of high school ranging from freshman to seniors.

“For all grade levels it [the College and Career Center] can be helpful to all extents,” said Lisa Vasquez, another College and Career Center counselor.

It is admirable to see students taking the challenge on their own by completing different college applications all on their own, managing this along with the requirements and duties of school become draining. For students it is impossible to know how the Center will potentially help until a check-in.

“If you use it, it can truly help. If you kind’ve use it, it can’t help as much,” said Matavulj.