Girl’s varsity volleyball dominates the court as season wraps up



Varsity player Arielle Bruk serves for a win against South San Francisco.

Kailyn Holty, Sports Editor

After a close win against Westmoor during their senior night, girl’s varsity volleyball closes the season in high spirits, with only a few games remaining. 

Currently, varsity volleyball has 6 wins and 6 losses this season after last night’s nail-biting 3-2 overall score and 15-13 final fifth set score. Despite many injuries this season, the team has maintained a positive attitude that has translated into a successful performance this year.  

“The team performance has been pretty good this season!,” Varsity junior player Isabelle Armsby said. “We all have worked hard and I feel like we have really become a team in the most recent games. We have had to overcome a lot of injuries, which has been really difficult, but the supportive energy on and off the court keeps our team going.”

To prepare for games, varsity volleyball has practice after school everyday, focusing on net and footwork drills mainly through scrimmages. Most of these drills are targeted at areas of play that need improvement. 

“We set up the nets, warm up by doing some floor workout drills, and then start moving by running, skipping, jumping,” said Armsby. “Then we usually do partner warm ups, like hitting and passing.”

These practices have paid off with the varsity volleyball team winning many league and non-league tournaments. Even though these games can be difficult due to formidable opponents, the team remains optimistic and encouraging. 

“One difficult part of volleyball is that tournaments can be tough,” Armsby said. “You have to wake up super early and play around five games for the entire day, which is challenging, but our team has made the most out of the tournaments and had a good time.”

With the season wrapping up, varsity volleyball plays their second to last game at home on Thursday, October 20th at 5:15 pm against El Camino High School. 

“Come to our games!” Armsby said. “We have a bunch of home games coming up, and volleyball is a super fun and exciting sport.”