Why Not Check Out the Paw Print?

Parts of this article have been written in a casual tone. Unfortunately, not all articles that can be explored on this site will be like this.


Woodside Paw Print file photo

An old version of the Woodside Paw Print stares back at you from 2018. While you will no longer find this design anywhere within the hyperlink gracing your search bar, many of the articles that appeared on this homepage are still available and searchable for your veiwing pleasure to this day!

Cedrik von Briel, Politics Editor

You’ve done everything else this winter break. You’ve made homemade pretzels. You’ve played soccer with cars. You’ve looked at trees. You’ve even gone through every episode of Bob Ross’s painting with a whole week left to go. What to do? Go no further! The very site you’re currently on has much to read, enjoy, and think about! 

The Woodside Paw Print has tons of old stories, opinions, and videos dating as far back as 2015 for your viewing enjoyment. In that time, there have been two name changes, seven editors-in-chief, and hundreds of current and former Woodside students who have passed through the Woodside High School journalism classroom busting out close to ten stories per year, all just for you. 

Are you interested in a particular topic? Find the menus at the top for areas like Politics, Culture, Opinion, and Campus. The search bar helps you find old stories and extends your knowledge of the past and present, even if it’s just something you like. 

Interested in music? Look back to when a competition-winning band performed just for Woodside. Or, go in-depth into the video of one of the biggest hits of that year

Look what I found in our private files the original Woodside Paw Print logo! There are sure to be stories and content from way back there on-site, so explore them this winter break! (Woodside Paw Print file photo)

Celebrities? We’ve covered Julian Edelman and Emma Chamberlain for you.

Missing sports? Turn back the clock with stories of Colin Kaepernick’s heroic fight, The Giants missing the playoffs (again!) headlining a 2018 playoffs preview, and learn about Woodside teachers that have run marathons

 Is politics more your thing? Read about the growing problem of far-right movements in Germany. Or about whether California should or shouldn’t have left the union after Trump’s victory

 Need some fun during the lockdown or after reading the depressing politics topics I just mentioned? There’s an entire section for that! I know for a fact that you don’t like birds, but guess what? There’s tons of stuff on these creatures on our site as well! There truly is something for everyone here!

So please, give our pride and joy a good look over this winter break. From award winners to past staff members, there is so much to enjoy for everyone. 

P.S. (which stands for “postscript,” apparently): I’ll even let you check out my worst-ever article if you promise not to tell anybody else about it.