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The Voice of the Wildcats

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The Voice of the Wildcats

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Girls flag football, ranging from freshmen to seniors, poses for a team photo.

Making history and winning too: girls flag football heads to playoffs

Conrad Berke, Beat Editor October 31, 2023

Girls flag football’s historic first season is nearly over, with six league wins and three losses. The team’s playoff game is against Mills High School this Wednesday, November 1. Along with other...

These emergency guidelines should be posted in every Woodside classroom.

Opinion: My Life Matters More Than Your Gun

Jaiedenn Dolan, Beat Editor August 30, 2023

One evening, before school season started, I was in the living room scrolling through my phone when a particular advertisement on television caught my attention. It starts off with a child showing off...

The cartoon dramatizes how music theory can ease someone’s understanding of music.

Opinion: Advancing the music program with AP Music Theory

Chloe De Leon, Multimedia/Online Editor August 28, 2023

Woodside High School’s robust music program lacks one essential class that could give students the opportunity to further their understanding of music while earning college credit: AP Music Theory. Music...

Much of “Tears of the Kingdom” takes place in the sky, granting the player a new level of exploration and discovery.

Review: A first look at “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom”

Winnie Einhorn, Co-Editor in Chief May 22, 2023

After over six years of painful anticipation, Nintendo has finally released “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.” Loyal fans and new players alike awaited the game with high expectations, and...

Slang can both complicate and ease romantic interactions for today’s youth.

Rizz-ults of “rizz” culture

Chloe De Leon, Multimedia/Online Editor April 24, 2023

Whether the subject pertains to elementary school crushes or long-term high school relationships, romantic connections begin for anyone with “rizz.” The slang term “rizz” derives from the...

Flyers advertising Paper are posted around campus to encourage students to use this resource.

Paper tutoring met with mixed reviews

Kailyn Holty, Editor in Chief April 18, 2023

Trepidation fills the air as English I students hurry to hand in one of their first major essays of the year. That is except for freshman Catherine Curtin who confidently turns in her paper after using...

Hopkin’s CTE Engineering Design and Development class currently has six females to nineteen male students.

Where are all the girls?

Kailyn Holty, Editor in Chief March 10, 2023

The harmony of tinkering and clicking sounds greets sophomore and Robotics club member Abigail Brown as she enters the engineering classroom. Yet instead, she’s met with the overwhelming lack of girls...

Middle College classes are offered entirely on Cañada Colleges campus.

Middle College offers an alternative high school experience

Winnie Einhorn, Co-Editor in Chief February 9, 2023

While big classrooms, lively social scenes, and highly competitive sports allow many students to grow and thrive, the typical high school experience just isn’t for everyone. With middle college applications...

Despite the controversial aspects of assisted death, measures are still put into place to ensure well being of patients such as an oral demand to their physician to qualify for assisted death drugs.

Living in the last moments: the importance of assisted death

Kailyn Holty, Editor in Chief February 3, 2022

TW: This article discusses assisted death and suicide The Swiss company Sarco developed a ‘suicide pod’ in December 2021 that fills with nitrogen so a person loses consciousness and dies within...

Woodside senior Mia Hua loves crocheting and has created a collection of crocheted stuffed animals.

Crochet’s Comeback: The Revival of Yarn Crafts

Mia Hua, Politics Editor November 16, 2021
The crochet trend began with Harry Styles' patchwork cardigan, which he wore for a Today Show rehearsal appearance, deep into the COVID-19 pandemic. The JW Anderson cardigan made a big splash on TikTok as people posted their handmade replicas. Now, #harrystylescardigan on TikTok has over 41 million views. Styles’ cardigan led thousands of teenagers cooped up at home to pick up their crochet projects again and post on social media about their cute creations.
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