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Judgment in high school

Opinion: Oh, snap! Snap judgments and their impact on relationships

Maggie Mein, Staff Writer August 28, 2023

Try and look at this photo without any judgment: Well, the reality is, it is really, really difficult to. It is hardwired into human brains to judge. From the moment we're born, we start picking...

Summer Staycation Guidebook

Summer Staycation Guidebook

Maggie Mein, Staff Writer June 6, 2023

Once the last day of school has finally come and gone, students are often at a loss for what to spend their newfound time on. Some students may have a summer job lined up, or a vacation to look forward...

Crossword: Summer Fun

Crossword: Summer Fun

Maggie Mein, Staff Writer May 2, 2023

New season of Ted Lasso released on Apple TV+

Review: Ted “Lasso’s” us in with its new season

Maggie Mein, Staff Writer April 18, 2023

A heartwarming yet hilarious show, "Ted Lasso" stars Jason Sudeikis as Ted, capturing the hearts of his audience in the comedy-drama. Lasso’s remarkable new season has currently released four episodes...

Sophomore Varsity Player Sophiya Karer gets ready to crush her competitor.

Varsity girls lacrosse slings it into the new season 

Maggie Mein, Staff Writer March 21, 2023

With their season opening last Friday, March 3, Varsity Girls Lacrosse began their official season with one win and no losses.  Varsity girls have had two preseason games so far, and have taken a win...

While often disregarded as easy work, stay-at-home parents often have just as much responsibility to balance.

The stay-at-home parent

Maggie Mein, Staff Writer March 14, 2023

Those who work as stay-at-home parents are often not recognized for their hard work. While they work to make their children and spouses’ lives easier, in return, they are frequently disregarded as someone...

Review: Otto-matically loved it: A Man Called Otto

Review: Otto-matically loved it: A Man Called Otto

Maggie Mein, Staff Writer February 13, 2023

“A Man Called Otto” is a comedic drama that tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a widowed elderly man (Otto) and a young soon-to-be mother of two (Marisol). The two eccentric characters...

Come to Winter Formal on February 11, from 7:30-10:30 PM.

Get up and Gogh to Starry Night-themed winter formal!

Maggie Mein, Staff Writer February 9, 2023

Woodside’s signature colors black and orange will be modified to the blues and yellows of Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic Starry Night painting On the evening of February 11th, 2023.  Starting at 7:30...

Red Door’s first room in the “Confinement” series offers a variety of clues… can you spot them?

Opinion: “Red Door Escape Room” captures the terror of customers… all within one room

Maggie Mein, Staff Writer November 18, 2022

San Mateo's “Red Door” Escape Room induces fear into customers with the turn of a key and a few clues to find a way out. An escape room is an interactive outside-of-the-box thinking activity in...

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