CAASPP Test Receives Mixed Reactions From Students

The fairly new Smarter Balanced assessment felt “boring” but “easy” to a lot of students at Woodside, however a lot of students had more mixed reactions as well.


Travis Moss

CAASP schedule is posted in the I-Wing for students.

Travis Moss, Staff Writer

The CAASP test that began this Thursday went by fairly smoothly for students here at Woodside…for the most part.

“The English part will probably end up being the easiest part unfortunately, the performance task coming up on Tuesday sounds kind of  mysterious,” stated junior, Steven Nguyen who didn’t feel the test was too challenging.

Others however, did acknowledge the amount of reading that took place during the assessment.

“That test had more reading than the SAT,” stated junior, Chris Campos who previously took the SAT in February.

Although tests might be easy for those who are used to it, some students get overwhelmed by test anxiety and the idea of a test having possible accountability for their future.

“I felt it was really draining and long, it’s too bad there’s still two more days left of this,” stated junior, Adrian Reitmaier who felt tired after enduring the three-hour time period of the test.

However, several students were wondering what the test was really for and whether it had any significance towards their eligibility towards their  colleges or universities of choice.

“The text measures student performance within the school and could also create a scholarship for those who reach a high enough score,” stated Instructional Vice-Principal, Lupe Flores.