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How do siblings affect lives?

This article appeared in the Fall 2023 magazine, Growing Up.

The relationship between siblings is unique to any other kind of relationship, which is why they’re so important, especially for youth.

Siblings often go through life right alongside each other. They have similar experiences and often have a deep understanding of each other, so while having a sibling can be difficult, oftentimes, the good outweighs the bad.

“I definitely prefer to have a sibling than not because you have that shared experience and bond that you don’t really have with anyone else,” junior Lily Gustafson said.

Spanish teacher Margaret Thomsen has found that the lessons learned from a sibling can shape a person’s mindset.

“Everyone deserves to know they are capable, that’s what I’ve learned from my sister,” Thomsen said. “I might have walked this world and thought maybe some people are really stupid, but I don’t. And I think because of her, I know that.”

Siblings can have different personalities and qualities that can bring them closer for various reasons.

“All siblings have their ups and downs, but I think that my older one is really helpful,” freshman Amelia Herbst said. “She’s an older sister, so she’s always there for me. And my little sister is just so much fun.” 

Siblings are there for each other, and things can stay that way into adulthood. Thomsen and her sister have grown even closer as adults.

“She just always had my back,” Thomsen said. “It was an unwavering feeling. I really appreciate her. She’s someone who I want to talk to in the best of times or the worst of times.”

Gustafson has grown up surrounded by her older brother’s friends, which helped grow her social skills and comfort around people.

“A lot of [my brother’s] friends liked to come over, so I had to learn how to talk to people more, and it made me like being around older people,” Gustafson said. “I feel like that made me grow up more.”

In Thomsen’s experience, siblings can teach each other to empathize with people who are different from them.

“I think we both understand more people because we are very different,” Thomsen said. “ And I think I would probably be a lot more close-minded without her.”

Sibling relationships are unique to each person and affect people all differently.

“I’m very happy with siblings, and I can’t imagine my life without them,” Herbst said.

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