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Meet Woodside’s 2024-2025 Student Officers

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Meet Woodside’s class officers (consisting of president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer) for the 2024 -2025 school year.

Woodside’s new leadership student body has been officially nominated and is ready to get to work next year.

Leadership roles are made up of the president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. Student body works to make Woodside a better place, mainly by planning events for the school. Being in leadership introduces some new exciting experiences for high schoolers, as they move into higher grades.

“I think the thing I’m most excited about is being able to collaborate with a lot of people and just hearing everybody’s ideas and planning events for the school,” freshman Madelyn Nakanishi, and next year’s sophomore president, said. “I think that’s gonna be very exciting.” 

For some, being part of leadership next year will be a whole new experience. Being part of the student body means making presentations at class boards, being involved in school projects/events and more.

“I’m excited to work alongside [BOSA] and other student body members,” junior Margot Legros, and next year’s senior president, said. “It’s also going to be my first time in leadership. I’m looking forward to making the presentations at class boards.”

Being involved in the community is a big part of taking leadership next year.

“I am most looking forward to being a part of the amazing leadership community and being surrounded by a bunch of people who love our school as much as I do,” sophomore Marycarla Germano, and next year’s junior vice president, said. “I’m really looking forward to working with my fellow student council members because they’re really awesome.”

Being a part of the student council can be a big job, but often leadership students are highly motivated. As president, Nakanishi looks forward to planning school-wide events and collaborating with her peers.

“I decided to run because I missed doing leadership since I did it in middle school,” Nakanishi said. “[There are] a lot of people I know [that] are doing it so it’s gonna be nice.”

Making an impact and running with friends are often the main reasons why people run for the positions.

“I wanted to make the biggest impact on our school,” Legros said. “And I also have a lot of friends that were running so I thought it’d be fun to run with them.”

Passion for our school and being involved in our community led nominees to run for their positions.

I decided to run for vice president because I love our school and wanted to contribute to making it a better place,” Germano said. “I love the people in our community and I take pride in our school so I wanted to be a part of making important decisions that will benefit my peers.”

Other than leadership, members of the student body also do other extracurricular activities inside and outside of school.

“I do volleyball, basketball and track,” Nakanishi said. “Those are my main things.”

Getting to know more about what your student leadership is involved with is an important part of supporting your grade’s representation. 

Legros is involved with water sports at Woodside and as a junior, she is planning to spend her summer working.

“I’m on the Woodside water polo team and I’m also on the Woodside swim team,” Legros said. “I work at a place in Menlo Park during the summer. And then I play club water polo as well.”

Legros shares her goals for her position next year as senior president to assist the 2025 graduates by lessening their stress as they get ready to apply for college.

“I know everyone wants to get as many volunteer hours as possible,” Legros said. “So I want to focus on creating more volunteer opportunities, or at least making those opportunities known to everyone.”

Germano shares her goals for her position next year as junior president to make school activities more fun.

“Next school year, my goal is to create fun activities for our class,” Germano said. “[I’m aiming to plan] a fun prom, homecoming dance, and interactive spirit days throughout the school year.”

As everyone moves up a grade, students next year will be introduced to new things and learn along the way.

“My message for students next year is to have fun!” Germano said.

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