Review: Music department delivers yet again in fantastic spring concert


Kailyn Holty

The big band performs upbeat jazz pieces with excellent solos sprinkled throughout.

Kailyn Holty, Campus/Local Editor

Under the tutelage of new music teacher Nick Gaydos, the harmonious mixture of brass, wind, and string instruments at the 2023 Spring Concert marked another successful performance by the Woodside Music Department.

The Jazz Combo, Orchestra, Concert Band, and Big Band classes all performed in the Performing Arts Center (PAC) on Thursday, May 18, a precursor to the Los Angeles Tour they left for the following day. This tour involved a trip to Disneyland and a joint performance with Orange High School, a local school in the Orange County area. 

The concert featured a mix of jazz, classical, and Disney music, fitting for the upcoming trip to Los Angeles. The harmonious blend of upbeat jazz melodies along with Disney classics such as “Test Drive” from “How to Train Your Dragon”, the “Star Wars” theme song, and selections from “Moana” created a nostalgic yet ambient atmosphere indicative of the student musicians’ talent. Most notable of the performances was the original composition “Aquamarine” by junior Isaac Covacha featuring senior Keira Mahoney on the flute, senior Kira O’Grady on the oboe, and Covacha on the piano. 

Bathed among the stage’s warm orange backdrop, student musicians greeted early birds to the concert with the American rock song “Free Bird”, creating an inviting atmosphere. This carefree environment was continued with Gaydos’ relaxed and funny attitude as he welcomed audience members and honored graduating seniors following each performance. 

The dedication and talent of each musician was clearly evident in their performance, especially among the soloists in the Big Band act. Senior Benjamin Greene on the tenor saxophone, senior Jacob Neeves on bass, and junior Tai Vutam on the alto saxophone exhibited immense confidence as they dominated the stage in their respective solos. Their upbeat harmonies were enough to make me want to jump up from my seat and tap my shoes along with the melody. Covacha, Mahoney, and O’Grady additionally blew me away with the soulful mixture of the flute, oboe, and piano in this perfectly complementary trio. 

Even so, as a whole, the student musicians created a truly transformative concert experience. The classic Disney theme music instantly brought me back to memories of chowing down on buttered popcorn as theater lights darkened to the beginning melodies of the film. Audience members and I were bound together by the shared nostalgia the student musicians blanketed us in with each passing note, creating an unforgettable experience. I can’t wait to hear what the Woodside Music Department has in store for next year.