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Opinion: The price of beauty, the toll of standards

Jaiedenn Dolan, Beat Editor February 6, 2024

With beauty standards becoming more and more pervasive in our society, aging can be a very burdensome and overwhelming fear for many women.  With the rapid increase in social media’s relevance in...

AS English 1 and English 1 share some coursework, such as reading and analyzing Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime, but English 1 has less coursework overall than AS English 1 and is at a slower pace

Opinion: Cutting AS English 1 is doing Woodside a serious disservice

Conrad Berke, Beat Editor November 15, 2023

Advanced Standing (AS) English 1 was cut for freshmen last year. This was the wrong decision. The SUHSD Board of Trustees should vote to fix this and bring back AS English 1 for future school years this...

The heterogenous English I class that all 9th graders at Woodside currently take provides a diverse and comprehensive curriculum.

Opinion: Detracked classes benefit all students

Kailyn Holty, Editor in Chief November 15, 2023

70 years ago the Supreme Court made the historic decision to make it illegal to segregate public schools on the basis of race with the Brown v. Board of Education case. Yet, schools still experience stark...

The mosh pit was where the negatives of homecoming, the shoving and the sub-par music delivery, were most clearly seen

Opinion: Last night’s Homecoming was disappointing

Conrad Berke, Beat Editor October 22, 2023

Homecoming is an American high school classic, so it’s disappointing that last night’s Homecoming wasn’t particularly great. When I think of a Woodside Homecoming, I think very positively. The...

Terrorist fighters from the Palestinian militant group Hamas waged a vicious attack against neighboring Israel.

Editorial: Hamas must be condemned

Patrick Van Hoven, Managing Editor October 11, 2023

Note: As an editorial, this piece reflects the opinion of the Paw Print newsroom as a whole.  Beginning on the morning of October 7, Hamas, an Iran-backed militant and terrorist group that governs...

Sequoia Heathcare District is a public entity that provides community-based health care services (, which recieves 1.4% of San Mateo County residents property taxes

Opinion: Sequoia District Healthcare should stay in its own lane

Conrad Berke, Beat Editor September 27, 2023

On September 19th, the Sequoia District Healthcare (SHCD) Board President Aaron Nayfack wrote an email to the Sequoia Union High School District (SUHSD) Board of Trustees. The part that sets off alarm...

Ryan Binkley is the CEO and President of generational equity a mergers and acquisitions firm.

Opinion: Best of bad options

Ollie O'Toole, Staff Writer September 8, 2023

With Joe Biden's current approval rating at 40.2%, the 2024 presidential election is looking like it will be a close one. So who will Biden's Republican challenger be? There are currently nine candidates...

Typically, men are portrayed as heroic and powerful in sports campaigns and brand deals whereas women tend to be portrayed as overly feminine.

Opinion: The ‘sex sells’ dilemma in the marketing of female athletes

Cebelli Pfeifer, Co-Editor in Chief September 6, 2023

The sexual depiction of female athletes is a running dilemma in sports media coverage and has been for years. Women deserved to be highlighted for their athletic abilities, not their sex appeal, in order...

Woodside AVID students have the opportunity to go on college tours.

Opinion: Why you should consider taking AVID next year

Xamara Carrillo, Online Editor September 6, 2023

Study skills, study groups, tutorials, and focused notes all make up the Advanced via Individual Determination (AVID) program. AVID is a program that students should consider when selecting their classes...

More and more frequently, academic essays and research write-ups are overpowering the impact of creative writing.

Opinion: We’re losing the “arts” in English language arts

Winnie Einhorn, Co-Editor in Chief September 6, 2023

Topic sentence, context, evidence, analysis, transition. English students see these rigid, sentence-by-sentence expository writing outlines beginning freshman year, and practice them consistently throughout...

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