7 study tips to ace your finals


Kailyn Holty

Get ready for finals with these quick study tips!

Kailyn Holty, Staff Writer

With finals fast approaching, the overwhelming stress and worry of getting the perfect score is at the forefront of every student’s mind. So, as we all take a moment to breathe, let’s refresh on some study tips to help you ace your finals.

1. Discover your Learning Style

Take the “What is Your Learning Style?” quiz to see what percentage you are an auditory, visual, or tactile learner. (Kailyn Holty)

Finding out how you learn will help you develop study habits perfect for acing your finals. Using the test What is Your Learning Style?, you can discover whether you’re an auditory, visual, or tactile learner. But what do you do with this information?

If you’re an auditory learner…

You perform better through hearing and listening. Complement your studying by reading information aloud, listening to study material, and associating your work with music or sounds to improve your learning. 

If you’re a visual learner… 

You work best with reading and seeing pictures. Writing down information on flashcards, associating notes with pictures or images, and visualizing information in your head will help you improve your studying. 

If you’re a tactile learner…

You’re a “hands-on” learner who works better by touching and doing activities. Pacing or moving while studying, using flashcards and arranging them into groups, and acting out information will increase your studying abilities.

Take the Which Study Habits Can You Improve? quiz to find out which study tips you’re missing out on.

2. Create a Study Plan

In the few weeks leading up to finals, create a plan of when you’re going to study for each class and how long you’ll study for. Section out additional time for meeting with teachers or reviewing with classmates. Mapping out a schedule and timeline will make sure you’re prepared for all your finals. Woodside has Study Week starting Monday, May 23 to Thursday, May 26.

3. Manage your time

Use Google Calendars, Reminders, or other apps to help keep you on track when studying. (Kailyn Holty)

Create daily to-do lists and follow your study plan to manage your time as finals approach. Make sure to turn devices off and find a quiet study place away from distractions to ensure you stay on task when studying.

4. Don’t Procrastinate

Start studying early so you’re not cramming at the last minute. Make sure to get a proper’s night sleep and not to pull all-nighters. Studies show that lack of sleep decreases the body’s ability to access previously learned information. So, if you don’t want your studying to go to waste, get plenty of sleep every night before your finals.

5. Find a Place to Study

Places with desktops or laptops to do your work on can provide a great alternative to your own personal devices that can be a distraction. (Kailyn Holty)

Discover a place where you can be productive while studying. Quiet and relaxing areas like your bedroom or the library can provide the perfect environment to get the most out of your study sessions. But, if you work better with some background noise, maybe a coffee shop could be the way to go. 

Tip: Don’t sit on your bed though, especially if you know you’re going to fall asleep!

6. Switch it up

Studies show that switching subjects every 30 minutes for studying decreases mental fatigue. So, if you begin to feel tired or unmotivated to study, switch it up! If you’re stuck on a difficult problem, revisit it after mentally recharging.

7. Stay Motivated

It’s easy to fall into the black hole of stress and worries while studying for finals. So, to stay on track, create small and manageable goals to ensure you achieve peak performance. Constantly reassure yourself with positive self-talk to motivate yourself. You can do this! 

With these study tips, you’ll be set to crush your finals! Good luck!