Best Shows of 2020

Staying at home became the new normal in 2020, which meant that finding exciting shows to keep entertained while quarantined was an important task. Luckily, there were many enticing shows that came out, serving as good distractions from the chaos of the outside world.

Emma Montalbano, Online Editor

“The Queen’s Gambit”

While “The Queen’s Gambit” is a mere seven episodes, it is by far one of the most enticing shows to have blessed our screens in 2020. Beth Harmon is determined to become the world champion chess player, all while she struggles with addiction, obsession, and loss. This is one of those shows that is perfect for binge-watching, as it is only a few episodes, and each one is just as engaging as the one before. Not one episode of the show fails to entertain, as you follow Harmon on her journey to become the World Champion Chess player. Will she succeed?

“The Undoing”

“The Undoing” is an exciting murder mystery series. When the strange new mom in town is bludgeoned to death, everyone is left wondering who did it. Each episode ends on a cliffhanger, making it nearly impossible to turn the show off. Just when you think you know who the killer is, a shocking turn of events changes your perspective. While the plot becomes confusing at points, the superb acting makes up for it.

“Normal People”

Love can indeed be confusing, which is exactly what the miniseries “Normal People” portrays. The show follows Marianne and Connell as they fall in and out of love with each other, part ways, find new love, and even move miles and miles away from one another. Will they end up together? Can they overcome their differences? Are they meant to be together? This show is a true representation of how love affects different people and the ways in which those people deal with the varying emotions that accompany love.

“Little Fires Everywhere”

When two entirely different worlds collide, everything falls to shambles. At least, that’s the case in “Little Fires Everywhere.” Two mothers have very different perspectives on how to raise their children and live their lives, so when they enter each other’s lives, things get tense. The show is quite suspenseful, as it follows the timeline of events leading up to the burning down of a family home. The acting is excellent across the board; Reese Witherspoon brings life to her role as a mother, trying to do right by her children but miserably failing in the process. Surprisingly, the best acting comes from the youngest daughter in the show, who struggles to win her mother’s approval and acceptance. The young actress, Megan Stott, perfectly portrays a troubled teen trying to discover her true identity whilst having to deal with her disapproving mother and audacious peers.

“The Flight Attendant”

Who? What? When? Why? These are all the questions you’ll find yourself asking after watching “The Flight Attendant.” As Cassie Bowden struggles to remember the occurrences of the night before she woke up next to her dead hookup, she attempts to cope with the thoughts that she very well could have killed him herself. The mere idea that she was responsible for his death drives her mad, but was she the one who killed him? Despite the mediocre acting in this show, the plot is engaging and suspenseful, as you try to determine why this man died and how the main character was involved.


Set in 1813 London, “Bridgerton” is an exciting tale about Daphne, a young girl making her debut in society, hoping to find love and a husband. Much like the show “Gossip Girl,” a mysterious townsperson publishes all the town’s gossip in a paper that is distributed to every household. Everyone in town is determined to discover the identity of the writer, especially the Queen. Not only do the actors and actresses do a fine job of conveying emotion and passion, but the wardrobes and sets are also magnificent and relevant to the time period being portrayed.