Save Our Earth

The Importance of Stopping Climate Change.

Charlie Sullivan, Staff Writer

I spend most of my summer vacation at my in Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is a national forest and a place where many people get away from their busy lives to enjoy the outdoors. I have learned from research that the Tahoe climate, along with the rest of our Earth, is warming up severely. Global warming will cause the Lake Tahoe/Sierra Nevada region to warm up an estimated 9 degrees within a few decades.

During my childhood, Tahoe was and still is my happy place because I enjoy hikes, biking, and other activities in nature. My hopes are that my children and grandchildren can enjoy the same experiences I am fortunate enough to experience today. My appreciation for Tahoe has led me to have a profound concern for climate change throughout our world. Drastic measures need to be taken in order for change to be possible. “Keep Tahoe Blue” is an initiative that works to protect Lake Tahoe against threats to its health and clarity. This organization emphasizes the importance of saving our Earth and the many beauties of nature. As a person of youth in my community, I strive to spread awareness and create change with action.

The reality is that our Earth is heating up fast, and we are the problem! Our human activity has increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Some of our human activities that cause global warming include burning fossil fuels, cutting down our forests, and producing livestock. Global warming has the potential to melt our glaciers, cause sea levels to rise, and force the extinction of our animals, etc. In the long term, global warming and climate change will be absolutely detrimental to our planet and will be the cause of human extinction. However, we all have the ability to stop global warming and ensure the health of our planet. Renewable energy is absolutely crucial in our endeavor to end global warming because it utilizes air, wind, and water to preserve our natural resources.

Tahoe sets as a model for the rest of our world because it is our duty as Earth’s inhabitants and humans to take care of it. I have learned about the importance of managing our environment because of Tahoe. When you are voting, remember to elect a president who will take the necessary actions in order to stop our Earth from plummeting to its death.