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KQED Above the Noise: My Views on Abortion

My Body My Choice sign from a rally, fighting for right to a choice.
“My Body My Choice” sign from a rally, fighting for right to a choice.


One of the greater controversies among politics is the subject of abortion. There are two sides to the argument, pro-choice and pro-life. Personally, I am pro-choice.

I have a family member who got an abortion when she was younger, and after almost twenty years, her parents still have no idea. 

Her parents are great people, but they would not have approved of an abortion. She went to a clinic and secretly got the procedure done. She never told them about the baby because she wasn’t sure if they would have allowed her to have an abortion.

She decided to make her choice. If she didn’t make this decision, the course of her life and mine would be completely different. 

She would have had the baby and maybe never moved to America and since my mother was traveling with her, I may not have been born. 

The point is, she had to make a life-changing decision, but the fact that she had the option is what I’m sure she is most grateful for.

The candidates for the upcoming US election are Biden/Harris and Trump/Pence. I’m going to talk about the vice-presidential candidate of the republican party, Mike Pence.

Pence describes himself as a conservative Christian.  It is the Christian belief that abortion is a sin. I think pro-life is wrong because I firmly believe that a woman should have the ability to make her own decisions about her body, per se the slogan “My body my choice.” 

In the earliest vice presidential debate between Harris and Pence, Pence clearly stated, “I’m pro-life, I don’t apologize for it.”  

I think that pro-life people can have that belief, but at one point, they need to realize that they are making decisions and forcing beliefs on people when they aren’t in their position. 

Some people can argue with that statement and say they once got an abortion, and it physiologically affected them, and they want to prevent someone from going through the same thing. 

To debunk that, think about the people outside those abortion clinics 24/7 with signs screaming at the women who have to make a life-altering decision. They are the ones who play a considerable part in traumatizing women.

When voting, think of others who are getting affected, put yourself in their situations no matter if you are in it. Keep in mind what each candidate’s views are and what they are going to do with them when voting.


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Arielle Bruk
Arielle Bruk, Staff Writer
Arielle Bruk is a freshman staff writer and a first-year journalist. She's in the sports beat and enjoys writing about athletics, along with entertainment. Arielle is a writer that wants to make sure everybody's side of the story is heard. When she doesn't have school Arielle enjoys playing volleyball and working out.  

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