KQED: US Poverty Should Be Considered During Elections


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A young girl is sitting alone with a sign saying “Anything helps.”

Xamara Carrillo, Staff Writer

Poverty is a very big problem in the world and not many people take it into consideration during elections. Poverty can be not having enough money to buy necessary things but it can also be not having water, food, clothes, or a home. Poverty is a serious problem in the US and people should take it into consideration when thinking about elections.   

There are always people who are in need and need help. When I was about ten years old my mom and I would always see a homeless man. It was winter and it was very cold outside. One day my mom was taking out blankets and she decided that she would give them to the man because it was winter and he would probably freeze outside due to the cold. We put the blankets outside of his tent and left. Later on, when we would cross with our car we found that he had used the blankets to cover his tent. We felt like we helped him even with a small act of kindness.

Talking about Poverty during an election is very important. Many people forget about poverty but, it’s important to discuss this and help those in need. Especially during these harsh times with the pandemic, the US has fallen into more poverty. According to NBC News “We find that the monthly poverty rate increased from 15% to 16.7% from February to September 2020.” This is a lot of people suffering without necessities or money and if we don’t try to help them the poverty levels can increase. During the pandemic, the US somewhat helped people by sending stimulus checks. However, “High levels of poverty, food insecurity and hardship will likely intensify in the absence of further income support.”

Poverty is an important issue that is sometimes forgotten or seen as less important. People are in need and we should try to help. “Unless more relief comes, the federal government runs the risk of more people falling into poverty.” So whether you do something small or big it matters and your helping poverty decreases. Don’t forget to think about poverty when choosing who to vote for. Thank you. “For The Paw Print, this is Xamara Carrillo”




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