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Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: What will I learn in journalism?

A: You’ll learn how to write news articles, interview, network, take and edit photos, advertise via social media, and create audio packages! You’ll also learn about ethics and current events, and if you become an editor, you’ll get experience in both leadership and critiquing your classmates’ work.


Q: How is the class structured?

A: The class is small (just one period) and very student-run, so you’ll get to know all your classmates well! We have class story meetings in which we brainstorm story ideas, then everyone gathers interviews and writes their article. You’ll be supported by your section editor along the way, and they’ll give you feedback on your story before it’s published. We also frequently work in groups to create audio packages, podcasts, quizzes, and other types of media.


Q: What’s the homework load like?

A: Homework primarily involves gathering interviews for a story. Much of this can be done at school (for example, if you interview a teacher during lunch), but you might also choose to go to an event and cover it (e.g. a sports game). Students have a lot of in-class time to write their article, but they may also work on it at home if needed.


Q: Where will my work be published?

A: Your work will be published in our online newspaper, The Paw Print. You’ll also have the chance to be published in other news outlets; in the past, we’ve had our writers featured on KQED, Best of SNO, and The New York Times. Journalism is a great way to get your work out there!


Q: What credits do I get from taking the class?

A: Journalism fulfills the Career Technical Education (CTE) requirement you need to graduate. It also counts towards UC and CSU elective requirements!


Q: How will taking journalism help my college applications?

A: Aside from improving your writing skills, you can also gain leadership experience as an editor (which looks great to colleges!). There are a number of opportunities to be published and to win different journalism-related awards, and some of our students have even taught at a national journalism convention. That being said, please take journalism because it interests you, not just to boost your resume!


Q: What are some other perks of taking journalism?

A: You’ll expand your social circle by meeting new people, both in the class and through interviews! You’ll also get free access to Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and other programs, and our press passes will allow you to attend (and cover) events such as sports games and school plays free of cost. And, we have great field trips that will give you real-world journalism experience: a few places we’ve been to include ABC News (we got watch the anchors broadcast live), Chicago (for a journalism convention), and Washington D.C. (another journalism convention). Next spring, we’ll be heading to Seattle!


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