New Girls Golf Team at Woodside


Woodside Athletic Boosters

The newly formed Girl’s Golf team practices Monday through Friday.

Thomas Beasley, Staff Writer

This is the first year of the girls’ golf program and students are loving it.

The girls’ golf team formed after being co-ed last year. Many students wanted to engage in a sport over Covid, and the golf team was a perfect solution. While there is no way to come to games, there may be live-streaming or Zoom in the future.

“If anybody wants to join, they can reach out to any of the coaches or athletic directors,” Woodside senior Molly Smith said.

The golf coach is ready to teach and help experienced or new players to reach their full potential. There are some powerhouses on the team.

“We have already seen girls show some success early on. We have some freshmen and sophomores that I am really excited for,” Coach Chris Dawkins, the girl’s golf coach said.

Students looking to start their own new sports team have many options. 

“[You] start first as a club on campus and you just move up from that,” Woodside’s athletic director, Tim Faulkner, recommends.

The new team is fresh and excited and would love to see students there. Staff and students are excited to see another team win the peninsula athletic league. Girl’s golf is certainly a sport to watch for in the season.

“I love it. I am so happy that we have a girls golf program now. We never had one before, and it’s about time,” Mr. Faulkner said.