49ers Hopeful Comeback

Can the 49ers prove footbal critics wrong?

Christian Touhey, Video Editor

The 49ers are entering the 2017-2018 season with high anticipations following a rough year caused by unsteady defense. The early draft picks will give them the chance they need to improve their lineup.

When the coveted Bay Area football team ended their previous season with a 2-14 record, 49er fans questioned what could be done to mend this downfall and re-establish a winning team. It was clear they had gone downhill from Super Bowl prospects holstering quarterback Colin Kaepernick, as well as other highlight players such as Aldon Smith, Patrick Willis, and Justin Smith.

“We practically lost our entire starting lineup,” 49er fan and Woodside Junior Aidan Drews commented. “Not to mention we also lost the best football coach to enter the NFL, Jim Harbaugh.”

Luckily for the 49ers, a poor season leads to being one of the first teams to select players in the NFL draft. Considering the team’s historically low defense numbers last year, picking valuable assets in these areas will lead to an improved record.

The 49ers strategized the draft by selecting thirteen players, a reasonable number compared to the eight players drafted by the Oakland Raiders. However, the 49ers processed six trades, an abnormally high number for a team that held the 2nd round draft pick.

Locals were pleased to hear that the first player drafted for the 49ers was Solomon Thomas, a defensive line from Stanford University. His performance during the past four years at Stanford proves he will be able to pick up the low standard currently in place for the 49ers. Max Addis, a Woodside Junior who is also a season ticket holder for the 49ers, believes the picks from the team are reasonable.

“It could lead to a promising future with more wins,” Addis commented. “I have more faith in Reuben Foster, but it’s good their first pick was a Stanford player.”

The 49ers failed to find a reliable quarterback in the NFL draft, a key component for next year. Aidan Drews believes the team should drop the Stanford prospect for a consistent quarterback.

“Our defense was weak last year but we also don’t have a star like Kaepernick,” Drews added. “What’s more important is that our record beats the Raiders, we can’t let happen again.”