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Editorial: Practice Makes Perfect

An Opinionated Story about the Woodside Girls Tennis Practices

Woodside’s Girl Tennis team has not won a meet yet, but still practices with happy competition and hard work.

The practices offer a good atmosphere to be competitive and sociable. The team hasn’t won a meet against another school yet but manages to maintain high spirits and productive practices.

“[Practice] Everyday for two hours except for the weekends” explained Abby Wong, a three year Woodside high school tennis play.

The team’s practice employs an effective routine during practices that helps train the players for the next match.

“Start with a running exercise, and then we stretch, agility, and plyometrics” said Coach Bycer, the head Coach for the Girls Tennis team. She continued to say: “work on the basics; ground strokes, volleys, overheads.”

Aside from practice being a great place to improve, the practices also prove to be a great place to be yourself and get to know people.

“I’m friends with the entire team” elaborated Abby while Coach Bycer said: “I would say they [the players] enjoy the social aspect.”

The team’s practices and meets maintain a good level of competitiveness while remaining true to the players and ensuring they have fun.

“It’s a sport I can enjoy going to and playing with everybody regardless of the score” exclaimed Abby.

The players come together as a good team offering each other–and even teams from the opposing school–a positive environment… even after losses.

“0 [Matches]” stated Coach Bycer before saying “but we have remained excellent sports for all the matches.”

This positive environment encourages the student athletes to come to practice and meets.

“I really like working with the girls, I like the structure we have created within the practices. I like the practices” said Coach Bycer. Abby said: “I look forward to going to practice.”

The Tennis team remains a great sport with a supportive environment for its players. Although a match hasn’t been won yet, hopes are still high and so is comradery.

“Everyone gets along really well; everyone supports each other really well. It’s a supportive environment that’s welcoming to players of all levels.”

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