Editorial: The Sass Continues

Trump and Clinton’s attitude created a distraction during the debate

Chloe Stearns, Local/Heath Editor

The attitude that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have continuously had throughout their campaigns have had a major effect on the First Presidential Debate.

Throughout their campaigns, both Trump and Clinton have bashed each other in their many speeches to the public. A lot of the time, that’s all people heard from them which became quite distracting towards their political views and values.

The debate started off sassy when Mr. Trump addressed Clinton by saying, “Secretary Clinton- is that okay? I want you to be very happy. Very important to me.”

To some who may not be familiar with Trump’s attitude, this may seem sincere as though he had a single care for her happiness. To those of us who know what Trump’s mouth is capable of, he proved how much respect he had for her through this one introduction.

Trump did not hold back from his usual frank demeanor during the debate. He interrupted Clinton 51 times while Clinton only interrupted him 17 times according to Good Morning America. On the topic of the invasion of Iraq, Trump rudely expressed his opinion while Clinton was speaking. The conversation continued:

Clinton: “Donald supported the invasion of Iraq.”

Trump: “Wrong!”

Clinton: “That has been proven over and over again.”

Trump: “Wrong!”

His tone of voice perceived an immature and defensive attitude when he interrupted Secretary Clinton many times. The way these two bantered was distracting and made it hard to follow what their actual political views and opinions were. Their constant bickering led to a multitude of questions left unanswered.

In a segment on Good Morning America following the First Presidential Debate, went over the topic of body language between Trump and Clinton. In previous discussions when talking about Mr. Trump, Secretary Clinton was known for keeping her mouth closed when showing her discontent with him.  In the last debate though, she changed her demeanor and would smile immensely  to show up Trump. “You’re not getting to me” Clinton said. She continued to keep her cool as Trump got more and more worked up, which was added Clinton’s advantage.

The actual topics that were supposedly debated, became lost in the tangle of discrete insults and snide attitudes between the two candidates. When addressing the topic of nuclear bombs, Clinton regarded Trump by saying, “A man that can be provoked with a tweet should not have his finger anywhere near the nuclear codes.” She pointed out his tweeting reputation instead of regarding the actual nuclear bomb topic.

The biggest time when Trump and Hilary sassed each other out was when Clinton said, “I had a feeling by the end of the evening that I’d be blamed for everything.” Trump responded with, “Why not?” This response seemed to come naturally and sounded like a fight between a married couple on the verge of divorce.

Trump finally expressed how great of a president he would be compared to Clinton by saying, “I think my strongest asset is my temperament….I know how to win. She does not know how to win.”